Bloomberg Government Insider: The Next Battle

The military's decade-long spending spree is over. The Pentagon faces hard choices as $1 trillion disappears from its budget
  • Defense Spending Drawdown
    The Mother of All Drawdowns
    After a 10-year spending spree, the Pentagon confronts a new era of austerity. Will it be the bean counters or the generals who call the shots?
  • The F-35’s Global Supply Chain
    The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is the most expensive program in Pentagon history. A look at the U.S. Marine Corps version
  • Trading a Uniform for a Suit
    Trading a Uniform for a Suit
    For retired brass, high-paying defense industry jobs beckon
  • Ike’s Warning Revisited
    Ike’s Warning Revisited
    On the 50th anniversary of President Eisenhower’s farewell address, his thoughts on the “military-industrial complex” still resonate today, says his grandson
  • Tricare: A Bargain
    The Pentagon’s Feverish Health-Care Tab
    With a congressional supercommittee hunting for budget savings, the Pentagon’s Tricare health insurance program may be a target for reductions
  • Views from the Hill
    The chiefs of the House and Senate Armed Services committees weigh in on the significance of tighter defense budgets
  • Numerically Challenged
    Probing the Pentagon’s Fuzzy Math
    More than half the savings identified likely won’t materialize
  • Pentagon Business Goes to the Small Fry
    Pentagon Business Goes to the Small Fry
    Foreign wars create opportunities for small and nimble contractors
  • Where the Pentagon May Cut—or Spend
    Where the Pentagon May Cut—or Spend
    Armored trucks, uniformed personnel, and aircraft carrier support could get whacked. The electronics and cybersecurity budgets will grow
  • Aegis Competition: An End to Sole Suppliers?
    Lockheed has made bundles from noncompetitive Aegis missile contracts, but the U.S. Navy, in an effort to modernize, is opening the bids to others
  • What Is BGOV?
    Our service helps professionals understand the business impact of government actions
  • “We have to acknowledge that some of the past drawdowns have not worked”
    Budget Talk from the Pentagon Comptroller
    Robert Hale oversees the purse strings of the government’s biggest contracting agency. He’s looking to cut at least $330 billion over 10 years
  • Lip Balm and Lab Goats
    Lip Balm and Lab Goats
    At about $700 billion, the annual Pentagon budget equals the gross domestic product of the Netherlands. The Defense Dept. is akin to its own nation, buying not just weapons and fighter jets but also mundane and sometimes surprising items for its “citizens”

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