Dec 26, 2011

Opening Remarks




  • The Euro

    How the currency got its name, and what its instigation proves (that Europeans actually can work together)

  • Princess Beatrice's Hat

    The royal headdress became one of the wedding's most durable images, and helped unite a struggling empire

  • Steve Jobs's Shoe

    His New Balance 992s were part of a nonthreatening corporate uniform with which anyone could identify

  • Solyndra Auction Lot No. 803

    The solar panel company was supposed to illustrate renewable energy's promise. Instead, it has come to symbolize imprudent industrial policy

  • Ai Weiwei's Security Camera

    The Chinese dissident has become a rallying point for an increasingly rebellious populace

  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn's Prison ID

    The document is a sorry reminder of sexual harassment charges that fizzled as quickly as they erupted



  • It's Always Sunny in Silicon Valley

    The Valley's techies live in a bubble of prosperity. Optimism has its advantages, but some worry the region may lose touch with the rest of the world

  • Clash of the Tech Titans

    Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon have hundreds of millions of users, mountains of cash, and a burning desire to blast each other to smithereens

  • Data Security: Your Information, Their Loot

    According to the DataLossDB project run by the Open Security Foundation, hundreds of millions of medical records, bank account numbers, names, and…

  • Killing Bin Laden

    A dissection of the Navy SEALs’ raid on the al-Qaeda leader's Abbottabad compound, and what came after


Acts of God

  • Japan and the Reality of Suffering

    Pico Iyer, essayist, novelist, and resident of Japan, reflects on how the country's culture of resilience and stoicism helps it weather cataclysms…

  • First Responders

    Personal accounts from those among the first on the scene at three of the year’s most traumatic disasters: the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the…

  • What Catastrophe Costs

    Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes … Mother Nature went on a tear this year. Just ask the insurers