Seagate Technology

William D. Watkins William D. Watkins has been Chief Executive Officer of Seagate Technology since July 3, 2004. He joined Seagate Technology as Executive Vice President of its Recording Media Group in February 1996 following its merger with Conner Peripherals, Inc. In October 1997, Mr. Watkins took on additional responsibility as Executive Vice President of the Disk Drive Operations and in August 1998, he was appointed to the position of Chief Operating Officer, with responsibility for disk drive manufacturing, recording media and head operations and product development. In June 2000, he was appointed to the position of President, and in November 2000, he became a member of Seagate’s board of directors. Mr. Watkins is a member of the boards of directors of Iolon, Inc. and MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc. He also serves on the Executive Advisory Council for IDEMA (International Disc Drives and Equipment Manufacturer Association) and the Executive Advisory Board of Juran Center for Leadership in Quality.