Apple Computer

Steven P. Jobs Steven P. Jobs serves as Chief Executive Officer of Apple Computer Inc., ("Apple"). Mr. Jobs is a Co-Founder of Pixar and has been the Chairman since March 1991 and as Chief Executive Officer since February 1986. Mr. Jobs also Co-Founded NeXT Software Inc. ("NeXT"), which developed and marketed object-oriented software for client/server business applications and the Internet, and served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NeXT from October 1985 until February 1997, when NeXT was acquired by Apple. Mr. Jobs then served as an advisor to Apple on a limited basis and served as interim Chief Executive Officer until assuming his current role as Chief Executive Officer at Apple. He has been a Director of Pixar since February 1986. In addition, Mr. Jobs is currently member of the Board of Directors of Apple Computer Inc. Mr. Jobs served as a Director of Gap Inc. since September 1999.