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Texas Instruments

It's one of the biggest trends in technology over the past five years: growth and innovation increasingly coming from devices other than the personal computer. And chipmaker Texas Instruments counts as one of the beneficiaries. TI ranks as the world's No. 1 supplier of semiconductors for cell phones and is a top supplier of chips for flat-screen TVs, digital music players, and projectors. TI's specialty, digital signal processing chips, accounted for 35% of its sales last year.

The company also makes digital light processing (DLP) chips that power TVs and projectors. Sales for DLP chips surged 79% last year. Despite strong growth, TI's main challenge -- increasing its profit margins -- remains. Last year, the company's gross margin was about 45%, compared to 58% for chip giant Intel.

Company Info

Revenues* $12.6 BILLION
Revenue Growth 19.3%
Return on Equity 16.0%
Total Return6.3%
Profits* $1.9 BILLION
All figures are for the most recent available 12 months.

* Latest available data for the 12-month period ended Dec. 31, Jan. 31, Feb. 29, Mar. 31, or Apr. 30. For companies that do not report quarterly, the most recent annual data were used.

Data provided by Standard & Poor's Compustat, BusinessWeek

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Company Snapshot

Texas Instruments Inc. engages in the manufacture, design, and sale of digital signal processors and analog semiconductors. It operates in three segments: Semiconductor, Sensors & Controls, and Educational & Productivity Solutions. The Semiconductor segment designs, manufactures, and sells integrated circuits. Its core products include analog semiconductors and digital signal processors. The Semiconductor segment also designs and manufactures other types of semiconductors, such as digital light processing devices, reduced instruction-set computing microprocessors, microcontrollers, and logic devices. The Sensors & Controls segment designs and manufactures sensors, electrical and electronic controls, and radio frequency identification (RFID) systems. Its sensor products include pressure sensing for the heating/ventilation/air conditioning, automotive, and industrial markets. The Sensors & Controls segment’s control products include controls, motor protectors, circuit breakers, arc-fault circuit protectors, and thermostats, which prevent damage from overheating and fires in various applications, including aircraft, commercial heating and air-conditioning systems, refrigerators, cars, lighting, and industrial applications. Its RFID systems consist of a transponder, receiver, and other components, such as antennas. RFID technology is used in a range of applications, including access control to buildings, pay-at-the-pump gasoline sales, vehicle security, document tracking, livestock tracking and identification, product authentication, retail, sports timing, supply chain, ticketing, and wireless payment. The Educational & Productivity Solutions supplies graphing handheld calculators. It also provides business and scientific calculators; and a range of advanced classroom tools and professional development resources. The company operates in Asia, Europe, the United States, and Japan. Texas Instruments is headquartered in Dallas.

No. of Employees


Data provided by Capital IQ
Richard K. Templeton

Richard K. Templeton

AGE: 46


President and Chief Executive Officer

CEO Bio >

Total Compensation*


Total Value of Options**

$ 22.2 MILLION

Degrees Held

Union College (BS)

* Latest available fiscal year
** The sum of the net value of options exercised and held in the latest available fiscal year

Key Executives

Richard K. Templeton, Thomas J. Engibous, Gilles Delfassy, Michael J. Hames, Joseph F. Hubach, Chung-Shing Lee, Stephen H. Leven, Melendy E. Lovett, Gregg A. Lowe, Kevin P. March, Kevin J. Ritchie, John C. Van Scoter, Teresa L. West, Thomas Wroe, Jr.

Board Members

Richard K. Templeton, James R. Adams, David L. Boren, Daniel A. Carp, Carrie S. Cox, Thomas J. Engibous, Gerald W. Fronterhouse, David R. Goode, Pamela H. Patsley, Wayne R. Sanders, Ruth J. Simmons, Christine Todd Whitman

Data provided by Capital IQ
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