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MARCH 15, 2007
Subprime Woes Won't Worsen Much
Despite Wall Street's jitters, S&P thinks delinquencies for lower-risk mortgage loans won't rise significantly above historic levels

MARCH 9, 2007
Volatility Can Be Good
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange, CBOT Holdings, and NYSE Group are poised to benefit from jumps in trading volume from institutions

FEBRUARY 26, 2007
Why the Economy Is Weathering Oil's Swings
A return to peak price levels would hamper U.S. GDP, but overall the economy needs less oil to be productive

FEBRUARY 16, 2007
Breaking Up Is Not So Hard to Do
Several big companies have announced spin-offs. If history is any guide, some of these offspring may beat the market

FEBRUARY 12, 2007
Health Care's IT Revolution
The drive to implement electronic health records is attracting a brace of big-name outfits

FEBRUARY 2, 2007
Bears? Colts? The Winner May Be the Bulls
The Super Bowl Theory says the S&P 500 should rise in 2007 no matter who wins. But this predictor is only suitable for fantasy investing

JANUARY 5, 2007
AT&T: Will the Big Bell Keep Ringing?
It might be tough to repeat a 50% gain this year, but the union with BellSouth should help drive free cash flow and wireless growth

DECEMBER 14, 2006
Food Makers Get on a Health Kick
PepsiCo, Kraft, and others are making strides in reducing trans fats and producing healthier foods to meet consumer demand

DECEMBER 8, 2006
Housing: Weak Link in Economy
S&P thinks the worst of the decline in starts and new home sales is over, but expects no recovery until 2008

NOVEMBER 14, 2006
The Future of Defense
S&P remains positive on defense contractors amid worries about the outlook for weapons-systems programs after Rumsfeld's resignation

NOVEMBER 8, 2006
Fear Not for Big Pharma
Democrats' electoral gains may pressure drug stocks, but S&P thinks investor worries are overblown and keeps a positive outlook on the sector

OCTOBER 13, 2006
S&P Boosts Outlook on Tech and Industrials
The research outfit also likes consumer discretionary but downgraded its take on consumer staples, telecom services, and utilities

OCTOBER 9, 2006
Markets Take North Korea Nuke in Stride
S&P says Kim Jong Il's test was meant to improve the country's bargaining position and did not have a meaningful negative impact on markets

OCTOBER 4, 2006
S&P Boosts Its Outlook for Stocks
Its strategists lift their yearend target for the S&P 500. Favored sectors: consumer staples, financials, and telecom services

SEPTEMBER 29, 2006
Markets Cheer a Soft Landing
S&P believes the positive momentum in the S&P 500 index is being driven by increasing confidence in a soft landing for the economy next year

SEPTEMBER 28, 2006
Capturing Diversity Overseas with ADRs
For diversifying abroad, S&P's favorite foreign stocks that trade in the U.S. include Bayer, Canon, Matsushita, Novartis, SAP, and Total

SEPTEMBER 22, 2006
Significant Slowing for Economy in 2007
With inflation fears receding, S&P believes housing is now at the heart of gauging the magnitude of the economic slowdown

SEPTEMBER 19, 2006
Amid Thai Turmoil, Investors Seek Safety
News of a military coup in the country had investors fleeing the baht in favor of U.S. government debt

SEPTEMBER 15, 2006
Trim Exposure to Stocks
S&P recommends that investors lower their equity portion of portfolios to 40% from 45%, as a recovery in oil prices could reverse the recent euphoria for stocks

International Stocks Shine
S&P believes better international economic momentum, lower valuations, and less restrictive monetary policy are sparking the outperformance

Meet the Midsize Challengers
S&P has launched a list of 300 companies expected to take on the world's blue chips, as well as an index to invest in 40 of them

Caution Flags for Investors
S&P strategists think the risk of recession is increasing

AUGUST 25, 2006
Weaker Housing Adds to Worries
S&P continues to believe the housing market will decline, but not enter into a free-fall

AUGUST 18, 2006
Bulls Win, Bears Lose
Stocks have headed higher, despite economic data that suggest the economy is slowing down

AUGUST 16, 2006
Yellow Flags on Germany's Prospects
The country's economy has shown signs of slipping. S&P is becoming more cautious on a number of companies, but still likes SAP

AUGUST 11, 2006
High-Yield Default Rates Hit 20-Year Low
Plus: S&P recommends keeping an overweight exposure to international stocks

AUGUST 4, 2006
A Damper Housing Market
Plus: S&P's economists see a 35% chance of recession in 2007, due to heightened tensions in the Middle East

JULY 28, 2006
S&P: Nasdaq Looks "Extremely Oversold"
From a technical view, S&P sees some positive momentum divergences on daily charts, suggesting a possible counter-trend rally is due

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