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NOVEMBER 16, 2007
Trading Shakeup in Europe
Banks should benefit from these new rules because the cost of trading stocks will fall. But exchanges will see more competition and price pressures

NOVEMBER 9, 2007
Stocks: A Rising Wall of Worry
But S&P's strategists believe much of investors' worst fears has already been discounted in international equity valuations

NOVEMBER 8, 2007
Why WaMu Got Walloped
In addition to the deteriorating housing market, the lender was hit by news of an investigation by the New York AG. S&P rates the shares sell

NOVEMBER 7, 2007
The Failure of Stock Buybacks
An S&P study finds that amid record levels of share repurchases, most companies have not increased shareholder value

OCTOBER 11, 2007
Korea Construction Giants Ride Oil Boom
Oil prices are fueling the Middle East's building surge, which in turn is fueling South Korean builders. Next to benefit: construction company investors

OCTOBER 9, 2007
The Bull Market Turns Five
We review the patterns of prior bull markets to gauge the chances that the S&P's current run will reach its sixth birthday

OCTOBER 8, 2007
Sleep Drugs Rouse Big Pharma
With 25 million Americans suffering from chronic insomnia, new treatments in the pipeline could find a huge market

OCTOBER 2, 2007
Behind the Market's October Surprise
The Oct. 1 rally sent the Dow industrials back into record territory. S&P thinks stocks could finish the year with additional gains

SEPTEMBER 27, 2007
Profits: Expect a Third-Quarter Slowdown
S&P sees profits downshifting in the third quarter but anticipates a reversal in Q4 and solid earnings growth in 2008

SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
S&P: Rate Cut Boosts Techs
The research outfit also upgraded its recommendations on the utilities and materials sectors, but lowered its view on health care

SEPTEMBER 17, 2007
Stocks: Getting a Fix on the Fed
S&P looks at what's at stake for the market as Bernanke & Co. prepare to kick off their widely anticipated Sept. 18 policy meeting

Entergy: Nuclear Plants Power Profits
Entergy's large stake in unregulated wholesale markets for nuclear energy give it a big edge over traditional utilities

AUGUST 27, 2007
Putting CO2 to Good Use
The gas is the major contributor to global warning. Now major energy companies are looking for ways to capture and sell it

AUGUST 27, 2007
Effects of the Biofuel Boom
As biofuels become an economically competitive power alternative, life is changing fast for the whole agricultural sector

AUGUST 27, 2007
Heat Mining: Energy Underfoot
Geothermal energy rising from the earth's core could be a major source of clean power in the future

AUGUST 17, 2007
The Fed's Move: More Than a Symbolic Gesture
S&P says the discount-rate cut has reduced the risk that the credit crunch could send the economy into a downward spiral

AUGUST 16, 2007
Stocks: Is Market Fear Nearing Its Peak?
S&P says extreme readings on key sentiment indicators may signal that we are much closer to a market capitulation than most people think

AUGUST 15, 2007
Stocks: A Correction in Confidence
While housing and credit worries weigh on investor sentiment, S&P believes fundamentals remain solid, and doesn't think a bear market is at hand

AUGUST 14, 2007
Stocks with Strong Upside Potential
If major indexes are getting back on their feet, which names could post the biggest gains? S&P has a number of candidates

AUGUST 7, 2007
The Lowdown on Higher Prices
With energy and labor expenses climbing, companies are passing along costs to consumers. Here's how players in key industries are handling the hikes

AUGUST 1, 2007
Making Sense of the July Swoon
S&P says that while the recent equity downdraft may signal a correction within the current bull run, a bear market isn't likely to emerge

JULY 30, 2007
Will the Market's Roof Cave In?
This drop feels catastrophic, but the long overdue pullback will soon present a good buying opportunity

JULY 11, 2007
Stocks: Housing Woes Cast a Wider Net
It's not just homebuilders. Now, retailers and home-goods manufacturers are feeling the pain as consumers pull in their horns

JUNE 25, 2007
Earnings: The Big Picture
While growth should continue to slow through the third quarter, Standard & Poor's says market fundamentals remain positive

JUNE 15, 2007
S&P: Still Plenty of Shine on Apple
Standard & Poor's Scott Kessler maintains his buy rating on Apple as it launches its iPhone and Leopard offerings

JUNE 11, 2007
Taking the Air Out of Inflation Fears
Concerns about rising prices have hurt stocks, but S&P sees recent market weakness as a pause in the market's intermediate-term uptrend

MAY 24, 2007
Stocks to Play in Germany's Revival
With the country's growth continuing to expand at a healthy pace, S&P likes ADRs of select companies, including 5-STARS ranked Bayer

MAY 2, 2007
IPOs: On the Comeback Trail
The pace of offerings is picking up, with financial and health-care issues leading the way. But the market still lags its 1999-2000 glory days

APRIL 25, 2007
The Next Market Milestone to Watch
With Dow 13,000 in the books, investors may want to focus next on whether the S&P 500 can top its previous closing high of 1,527

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