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APRIL 18, 2007
A Positive Prognosis for Pharmaceuticals
S&P says the group's stock-price momentum—and solid fundamentals—add up to a healthy future

APRIL 11, 2007
Earnings: Drawing a Bead on Q1
A challenging first-quarter earnings season brings attention to the likelihood of a difficult earnings front for 2007

APRIL 3, 2007
Q2: In Search of the Winners
A good start to the year, followed by a decline and the subprime fiasco. So where will the leaders come from in the next quarter?

MARCH 28, 2007
Smooth Sailing for Hotel and Cruise Stocks
S&P says conditions are favorable for the group, given its solid momentum and industry fundamentals

MARCH 21, 2007
Riding High with the "Winners"
S&P's portfolio of last year's top-performing industry groups is continuing its outperformance in 2007

MARCH 14, 2007
Sector Leaders in Volatile Times
Which groups have posted the best and worst performances following market tumult? Here's a guide

FEBRUARY 27, 2007
Keep Your Eye on the I-Banks
The investment banking index's relative performance vs. the market has slumped, though S&P still sees positive fundamentals for the group

FEBRUARY 14, 2007
Are Tire Stocks Headed for a Blowout?
S&P thinks stocks in the tire and rubber group may be overinflated, based on forward fundamentals

JANUARY 31, 2007
Asset Management: Not Tapped Out Yet
Despite the flagging momentum of stocks in the sector, S&P likes the industry's fundamentals. One favorite: Franklin Resources

JANUARY 24, 2007
Coke and Pepsi: Still Plenty of Fizz
S&P says momentum for soft-drinks stocks remains strong. It has a favorable view of the industry's fundamentals despite some higher costs

JANUARY 16, 2007
Medical-Device Stocks: A Healthy Outlook
S&P thinks the group's long-term fundamentals are positive and features Medtronic and Stryker among its top picks

JANUARY 10, 2007
A Tale of Two Portfolios
Where should you put your money—in last year's losing or winning stocks? History shows the way

JANUARY 2, 2007
Finding the Sector Stars of 2007
While value trounced growth in '06, S&P says almost everything went right for market investors. Which sectors will lead the way this year?

DECEMBER 20, 2006
S&P's Chemical Reaction
S&P stays neutral even though the relative performance chart shows improvement in the group's share-price performance in the coming months

DECEMBER 12, 2006
Apparel Stocks Are Looking Sharp
The industry's relative strength is on the rise, with players at high and low price points both poised to do well

DECEMBER 5, 2006
Big Opportunity in Big Oil?
Standard & Poor's expects oil and gas stocks to outperform the market in the months ahead. S&P likes ExxonMobil and Chevron

NOVEMBER 28, 2006
How to Get Ahead in Advertising Stocks
Standard & Poor's likes Interpublic Group, Omnicom, and WPP Group. Here's why

NOVEMBER 22, 2006
Taking the Measure of Merger Mania
What's behind the motherlode of M&As announced during the week of Nov. 20?

NOVEMBER 7, 2006
Chip-Equipment Stocks: Steer Clear
S&P says that while the sector has outpaced the market in recent weeks, its fundamentals are negative

NOVEMBER 1, 2006
Casino Stocks: Hold or Fold?
The acquisition proposal for Harrah's has sparked interest in the subindustry, but Standard & Poor's is neutral on the group

OCTOBER 25, 2006
A Winter Wonderland for Stocks?
The S&P 500's historically strongest period is November to April. Here are the sectors that could sparkle this time around

OCTOBER 18, 2006
Waste Services: Cash from Trash?
With volumes growing and price hikes sticking, S&P is upbeat about the industry. Its top pick: Republic Services

OCTOBER 11, 2006
Earnings: Which Sectors Will Shine?
Materials, energy, and financials should set the pace for third-quarter earnings. IT, consumer staples, and health care are likely to lag

OCTOBER 4, 2006
Focusing on Fourth-Quarter Favorites
The S&P 500 shows history doesn't always repeat itself, as in the case of the strong third quarter. But what does history say about the fourth?

SEPTEMBER 27, 2006
Don't Toast IT Services Just Yet
Despite near-term relative strength, S&P believes the investment outlook for the IT Consulting index is neutral over the next 12 months

SEPTEMBER 20, 2006
Jarring Discovery: Containers Are Hot
S&P has a positive outlook on the industry's growth due to lower fuel costs and market conditions, with cans stronger than plastics

SEPTEMBER 11, 2006
The Market's Triumph over Terror
S&P's Sam Stovall says sector performances in the wake of the September 11 attacks show the resiliency of U.S. equity markets

Making Dividend Plays Pay
S&P's list of 30 high-yielding, high-quality issues might be just the ticket for wary investors

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