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DECEMBER 4, 2007
Stocks: Will December Bring Cheer?
S&P says the month typically delivers above-average returns for equities. Rate cuts and lower oil prices could be this year's catalysts

NOVEMBER 27, 2007
Are Stocks Signaling a Recession?
Not necessarily; market slides don't always mean economic rout. Still, S&P offers defensive strategies—and stock picks—for antsy investors

NOVEMBER 19, 2007
Life Sciences Stocks: A Healthy Outlook
S&P likes the fundamentals of one of the stronger-performing subindustries this year, and has buy ratings on seven names

NOVEMBER 13, 2007
Stocks: Time for a Bounce?
After the recent ugliness, a snapback may be in the cards. Here are the industries—and stocks—that could lead the way

NOVEMBER 6, 2007
Biting the Bullet on Financial Stocks
Here's why S&P has downgraded its recommendations on the sector—and several big names in the group

OCTOBER 23, 2007
How Hard a Hit from Housing?
S&P's chief strategist says the slump probably won't tilt the economy into recession, thanks to a proactive Fed

OCTOBER 9, 2007
Do Stocks Dance to the Dollar's Tune?
S&P finds no correlation between movements in the greenback and the performance of the S&P 500 since 1990

OCTOBER 3, 2007
Stocks: Is October Really That Scary?
October has seen some ugly market action in past years, but the S&P 500 has actually posted an average gain for the month since WWII

SEPTEMBER 26, 2007
Gold Stocks: Still Likely to Shine
S&P's overall fundamental outlook for the subindustry is positive, implying the potential of positive price performance in the months ahead

SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
A Cautious Eye on Investment Banks
S&P says momentum for stocks of investment banks has been negative, and maintains a neutral longer-term outlook for the group

SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
A Stellar Opportunity in Storage Stocks
S&P says the industry's stock-price momentum and positive fundamentals signal additional upside. Among its top picks: EMC and Western Digital

Another September Slump on the Way?
Stocks have shown a tendency to retreat during the month, and S&P has identified a number of potential reasons for the weakness

AUGUST 28, 2007
Oil Drillers: Well-Positioned for Gains
S&P says the group's fundamentals are solid and its stock price momentum has improved. Among the top plays: Noble

AUGUST 21, 2007
Falling Rates, Rising Stocks?
S&P cautions investors against assuming the Fed's rate-cutting signals an "all-clear" to the subprime crisis

AUGUST 15, 2007
Industrial Gases on the Rise
While share prices have been expanding, S&P is neutral on the industry's fundamentals. But it thinks one player, Airgas, is a strong buy

AUGUST 1, 2007
Top Defensive Plays, Low-Beta Beauties
With equity markets wobbling, S&P thinks investors should move toward stocks with low volatility and high dividend yields

JULY 25, 2007
Are We Seeing a Cell Turnaround?
Todd Rosenbluth, S&P's telecom equity analyst, has a neutral outlook on wireless telecommunications, despite a solid 2007 so far

JULY 18, 2007
A Timely Sector Swap
S&P tells why it's boosting its recommendation on the Energy group—and downgrading its view on Consumer Staples

JULY 11, 2007
The Rundown on REITs
Amid recent weakness in the group, some stocks are still good bets. S&P breaks down six key sectors and finds the best plays in each

JULY 3, 2007
Making Sense of the Market's June Swoon
The S&P 500 headed south after setting a record early in the month. What does that signal for the coming months?

JUNE 27, 2007
S&P's Smartest Dividend Plays
Looking for solid, high-yielding names? Here is S&P's selection of stocks and ETFs that fit the bill

JUNE 20, 2007
Sectors: Will Rising Rates Wreak Havoc?
S&P looks at recent history and finds that higher yields tend to ding financials and industrials, while health care and IT hold up better

JUNE 6, 2007
Time to Prescribe Drugstore Stocks?
With favorable momentum trends and solid industry fundamentals, S&P says shares should continue to perform well

MAY 30, 2007
Computer Hardware: Getting Healthier
S&P says the industry's fundamentals are positive. Stock price momentum is another plus. Among its top picks: Apple

MAY 22, 2007
All's Well for Oil and Gas
With stock-price momentum recovering and industry fundamentals favorable, S&P says exploration and production companies may have further upside

MAY 16, 2007
Time to Lay Off Office-Supply Stocks?
S&P says the group's momentum continues to wane, and its fundamental outlook is negative. But a few names are worth buying

MAY 9, 2007
Managed Care Stocks on the Mend
Shares in the sector have recovered from recent weakness, and S&P sees signs of further upside

MAY 2, 2007
A Smarter Seasonal Stock Strategy
"Sell in May and then walk away"? Not so fast. Here's a better way to play the market's tendency to underperform in the summer and fall

MAY 2, 2007
A Smarter Seasonal Stock Strategy
"Sell in May and then walk away"? Not so fast. Here's a better way to play the market's tendency to underperform in the summer and fall

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