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MARCH 16, 2007
Seven Solid Under-the-Radar Stocks
Standard & Poor's set out to find promising names that are under-covered on Wall Street. Here's what the agency came up with

MARCH 9, 2007
Stocks: Six Sell-Off Survivors
Now that the water has calmed after the Feb. 27 sell-off, S&P screens for six stocks that weathered the storm

MARCH 1, 2007
Stocks: Nifty Names from the $10 Bin
S&P's latest screen finds some names that score well under valuation and profitability measures—and cost $10 or less

FEBRUARY 22, 2007
Stocks: Seven Scorching Growth Plays
S&P's latest screen finds names with projected earnings growth rates four times the average for the S&P 1500

FEBRUARY 15, 2007
The 'Cheap' Pick of Each Litter
This week, S&P screens for stocks with the lowest PEG ratio in their sector. Winners include Jabil Circuit and Whirlpool

FEBRUARY 2, 2007
Eighteen Stocks to Dodge
S&P's latest screen identifies companies that score low in both analyst rankings and Fair Value

JANUARY 26, 2007
Eight Blue-Light Specials
Who can resist a good deal? They're getting harder to find, but this week's screen is all about stocks trading at attractive valuations

JANUARY 19, 2007
Stocks: Seven Solid Citizens
S&P's latest screen uncovers names with strong financials and superior returns

JANUARY 12, 2007
Stocks: Six Supercharged Standouts
These companies boast five-year histories of 25%-plus growth in three essential categories—and a high Fair Value ranking

JANUARY 4, 2007
Five Fat Foreign Stocks
S&P recommends keeping 20% of your portfolio in foreign equities. This week's screen turned up these five meaty choices

DECEMBER 21, 2006
Four Stellar Small-Caps
For this screen, S&P searched among the little guys for names with fat dividend yields and high S&P Quality rankings

DECEMBER 15, 2006
Stocks: Four Insider Favorites
S&P's latest screen finds outfits that are seeing solid levels of share purchases—and no selling—by company brass

DECEMBER 8, 2006
The Smart Set: Five Stocks with Stellar Scores
S&P's latest screen turns up outfits with top marks in three key categories: Dividend yield, p-e to growth, and return on equity

NOVEMBER 30, 2006
Seven Top-to-Bottom Winners
S&P's latest screen finds seven outfits that have been able to grow both revenues and earnings per share at impressive rates

NOVEMBER 26, 2006
A Batch of Big R&D Spenders
Standard & Poor's combed its database for outfits that pour the most money into research and development and came up with 10 blue chips

NOVEMBER 16, 2006
Stocks: The Frightful Five
This week, S&P scopes out names the smart investor may do well to shy away from—far away

NOVEMBER 9, 2006
Stocks That Could Surprise the Street
Standard & Poor's pinpoints a few companies whose earnings might exceed expectations—and lead to an upgrade by analysts

NOVEMBER 2, 2006
Tech Stocks with Market-Beating Yields
Looking for steady dividends above 2% in the IT sector? These five stocks offer that—and meet S&P's criteria for capital appreciation and earnings potential

OCTOBER 30, 2006
Billion-Dollar Babies
With sales poised to pass the magic mark, these five stocks could attract attention—and buying interest—from institutional investors

OCTOBER 20, 2006
Where S&P Bucks Conventional Wisdom
This week's screen hunts for stocks with high S&P ratings—and a big thumbs down from Wall Street

OCTOBER 16, 2006
Eight High-Quality Dividend Plays
S&P points out that quality does count. They screened for stability, growth, and dividends to provide this list of superior issues

SEPTEMBER 29, 2006
Dividends: S&P's 7% Club
This week's screen finds four issues with fat yields—and notable risk—that garner favorable scores under S&P's valuation model

SEPTEMBER 22, 2006
Safe and Secure Dividend Payers
This week, we found a handful of appealing stocks that have yields and dividend growth above the S&P 500 index

SEPTEMBER 15, 2006
Five Stocks to Flee
These issues carry the lowest scores in S&P's STARS and Fair Value ranking systems. Cross the street to avoid them

Top Stocks in Top Sectors
S&P combines its individual rankings with its sector recommendations to come up with a timely list of attractive investments

Safe Stocks for a Slowing Economy
S&P found five names that could hold up well as growth—and corporate profits—start to moderate, including J&J and AIG

AUGUST 25, 2006
Nine Names for Growth and Income
This week's screen looks for the best of both worlds and comes up with stocks including DR Horton and Polaris

AUGUST 17, 2006
A Small PEG to Hang Your Hat On
When using price-to-earnings growth ratios to measure a stock's value, the lower the the number, the better

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