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NOVEMBER 30, 2007
Stocks: Low-PEG Picks
S&P's latest list finds the names with the lowest price-to-earnings growth ratios in each of the 10 S&P sectors

NOVEMBER 16, 2007
The Stocks Insiders Buy
Standard & Poor's latest stock screen finds eight top-ranked names whose shares are being snapped up by company insiders

NOVEMBER 8, 2007
Stocks on the Expensive Side
Standard & Poor's latest list uses price and valuation filters to uncover 15 names that may be too rich for investors' blood

NOVEMBER 1, 2007
High-Margin, Low-Debt Stocks
Standard & Poor's latest stock screen finds three companies with strong financial performance and very low leverage

OCTOBER 19, 2007
Stock Screen: 21 Smart Growth Plays
This S&P list uncovers companies that have posted strong increases in sales and earnings since 1990

OCTOBER 12, 2007
Four Attractive High-Growth Names
This quartet is expected to enjoy strong future earnings momentum, and all get top marks in S&P's Fair Value rankings

OCTOBER 5, 2007
From Top to Bottom: S&P Picks the Worst
This week's screen uses S&P's proprietary qualitative and quantitative ranking methodologies to uncover 10 stocks to avoid

SEPTEMBER 28, 2007
Stock Screen: Small-Cap Momentum Plays
S&P's newest list finds 27 names that score well in terms of relative strength—and earn top ratings from its analysts

SEPTEMBER 20, 2007
From Top to Bottom: S&P's Best Picks
Ten energy and IT stocks shine in this week's screen using S&P's proprietary qualitative and quantitative ranking methodologies

SEPTEMBER 13, 2007
Stock Screen: The Efficient Eight
S&P's latest list finds outfits that shine in how they manage inventory and deploy capital. They also earned buy ratings from its analysts

Stocks: Four September Stalwarts
S&P's latest list finds companies that have thrived during a month when the market typically slumps

AUGUST 24, 2007
Stocks: Four Foul-Weather Finds
S&P's latest list finds four names that held up well during the market's recent slide—and score top marks for valuation

AUGUST 16, 2007
Stock Screens: STARS on Sale
S&P's latest list features 20 highly ranked names trading well below their average p-e ratios

AUGUST 3, 2007
Stocks: Steering Clear of Volatility
S&P uncovers five highly ranked names whose betas suggest they don't move in tandem with the broader market—which may be a good thing right now

JULY 26, 2007
Stocks with Big Cash and Low Debt
This week's screen follows the money: cash flow, that is. Our low-debt, high-cash-flow picks are also attractive to private equity hunters, though

JULY 20, 2007
Stocks: Powerful Profits on the Cheap
S&P's latest screen uncovers five names that combine strong margins with attractive valuations

JULY 12, 2007
Low-Leverage, High-Quality Stocks
In this week's screen, we go topsy-turvy and look for the opposite of what we looked for last week

JULY 6, 2007
Stocks: 11 Leveraged Laggards
S&P latest's screen turns up names with high debt levels, low margins, and poor quality scores

JUNE 22, 2007
Stocks: Eleven Cash-Flow Champs
S&P finds companies that are not only nicely priced, but are increasing cash flow much faster than the overall market

JUNE 15, 2007
Stocks: S&P's Undervalued STARS
"Two great tastes that taste great together"—the peanut butter cup approach to investing combines S&P's sector recommendations and STARS rankings

JUNE 7, 2007
Stocks: Follow the Smart Money
S&P's latest screen finds five names that are favored by company insiders and big institutional players—and carry high-quality rankings

MAY 31, 2007
Stocks: Six Savvy Momentum Plays
S&P's latest screen looks for equities that have seen strong buying activity and carry top marks in key categories

MAY 25, 2007
Stocks: Seven Growth Stories
The latest screen from S&P turns up names with top-tier growth in cash flow, revenue, book value, and its highest Fair Value score

MAY 18, 2007
Stocks: S&P vs. the Herd
This week's screen looks for issues that carry S&P's highest investment scores, but get a cool reception elsewhere on the Street

MAY 3, 2007
Stocks: Value Times Four
This week, S&P scours its database for stocks that score well according to four different valuation metrics

APRIL 26, 2007
Stocks: Seven Brainy Bargains
S&P's latest screen combines analyst insight and sophisticated computer models to ferret out names with big upside

APRIL 12, 2007
Beware of These Dogs
S&P's latest screen finds 10 outfits that score poorly in four key categories. Among them: Eastman Kodak and Qwest Communications

APRIL 6, 2007
Stocks: Cheaper by the Book
S&P has identified some companies trading below book value that can offer investors a profit if they are broken up

MARCH 30, 2007
Stocks: Sifting for the Best ADRs
S&P's latest stock screen finds seven foreign names with its highest investment and fair-value ratings

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