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DECEMBER 14, 2005
What Would Warren Do?
An upbeat Timothy Vick, author of How to Invest Like Warren Buffett, sees stocks as the best investments in 2006

NOVEMBER 22, 2005
First a Rally, Then a Rough Ride
Leeb Capital Management's Stephen Leeb expects a yearend stock upswing, but inflationary pressures in the new year. His advice: Invest defensively

NOVEMBER 16, 2005
"A Lost Decade" for Tech Growth
In IT, author and market expert Peter Cohan sees nothing really that exciting to invest in now and suggests money-market and index funds

NOVEMBER 11, 2005
Strong Buys in a Wary Season
S&P has more than 100 stocks with its highest rating, even though in general it's time to play defense, says Sam Stovall

NOVEMBER 1, 2005
A Cautious Bull Among the Bears
Michael Farr of Farr, Miller & Washington is sanguine about the long-term market outlook and thinks tech is one sector poised to deliver

OCTOBER 31, 2005
A Yellow Light for Investors
S&P's Mark Arbeter says many of his technical indicators are bearish or may soon turn bearish -- so he urges a defensive stance

OCTOBER 26, 2005
The Street's "Line in the Sand"
Technical analyst Chris Johnson of Schaeffer's Investment Research sees the market at a critical point between bullish and bearish

OCTOBER 24, 2005
"A Little Bumpy" on the Street
Joseph Lisanti of S&P's The Outlook sees inflation as one of the market's hazards, but still thinksstocks will end the year slightly higher

OCTOBER 19, 2005
"Negatives Everywhere"
Author and market expert Tom Taulli is turning more defensive in his investment strategy -- but still spots some opportunities

OCTOBER 17, 2005
They're Still Shopping
S&P's Thomas Graves expects Americans to moderate their spending next year, but he still sees good bets among consumer discretionary stocks

OCTOBER 12, 2005
A Bull Slows Down His Charge
Ryan Beck & Co.'s Joseph Battipaglia says investors need to be defensive due to concerns about consumer confidence and inflation

OCTOBER 10, 2005
Stocks: A 5% Jump by Yearend?
S&P's Kenneth Shea says the outfit sees strength in its 500-stock index, especially in the info tech and consumer discretionary sectors

AUGUST 24, 2005
Time for Investors to Take Cover?
Farr, Miller & Washington's Michael Farr says costly oil and the yield curve possibly inverting are red flags, making him prefer defensive stocks

AUGUST 22, 2005
Can't Stop the Big Mo
Healthy spending and productivity add up to some good stock buys, says S&P's Kenneth Shea. Plus: His formula for a diversified portfolio

AUGUST 18, 2005
The Driving Force of Dividends
Jeffrey Kleintop of PNC Advisors sees dividend growth as a positive force for the current market -- and even some tech stocks

AUGUST 16, 2005
Don't Overlook Dividends
Few investors realize the strong returns earned historically by dividend-paying stocks, says S&P's Joseph Lisanti

AUGUST 10, 2005
Hot IPOs, M&As, and More
Investment pro Tom Taulli says the recent action can't be an anomaly. It's a sign of strength in the whole market

AUGUST 5, 2005
Stocks: The Wired and the Tired
S&P's Todd Rosenbluth explains why he's still wary about telecom services outfits and gives ideas for playing the growth in the latest technologies

AUGUST 2, 2005
A Growing Dash of Buffett
In his quest to find well-priced stocks, Sanibel Captiva Trust's Timothy Vick has found no better model than the Sage of Omaha

JULY 29, 2005
The Appeal of a Resilient Market
Steve Biggar explains why S&P has become more bullish on stocks. Among the picks: Dell and Abercrombie & Fitch

JULY 27, 2005
When Caution Is King
The housing boom, consumer debt, and the trade and budget deficits have Balestra's James Melcher putting a heavy emphasis on defensive strategies

JULY 25, 2005
Oil Stocks' High-Octane Surge
Thanks to high energy prices, the sector is dramatically outperforming market averages, reports S&P's Tina Vital, who reveals her picks

JULY 19, 2005
The Acid Test: Good Governance
Great Companies' James Huguet thinks there is nothing more important than transparency -- the reason he likes GE, Motorola, and Microsoft

JULY 18, 2005
Apparel: Dressed for Success
Sky-high gas prices haven't stopped consumers heading for the mall, making for a number of S&P buys

JULY 12, 2005
A "Cranky" Market Stuck in a Range
That's a reason why Chris Johnson, Schaeffer's Investment Research's head of quantitative analysis, advises holding large cash positions

JULY 11, 2005
Time to Put a Premium on Safety
With what he sees as many risks in the market, S&P's Philip Edwards reiterates some basic advice: Focus on quality mutual funds

JULY 6, 2005
Oil Stocks: Plenty of Fuel Left
That's what Leeb Capital Management's Stephen Leeb believes, since he expects crude prices to head dramatically higher in the long term

JULY 5, 2005
Stocks to Weather Summertime Blues
Rates will rise and profit growth will slip, says S&P's Sam Stovall, but some good buys beckon, even in the already-stoked energy sector

JUNE 28, 2005
A Cautious Time for Investors
Analyst and author Peter Cohan explains why he prefers a conservative approach in these days of soaring oil and China's growing power

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