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NOVEMBER 21, 2007
Timing the Rally in Homebuilding Stocks
Standard & Poor's thinks builders' asset writedowns may have peaked

NOVEMBER 16, 2007
Capitalizing on Change
Western health care companies hope to profit from reform in Asian countries

NOVEMBER 9, 2007
$100 Oil: What, Me Worry?
S&P says a resilient economy could cushion the effect of rising oil prices

NOVEMBER 2, 2007
Controlling Wildfire Risk
S&P estimates that insured losses from the California devastation could approach a manageable $2 billion

OCTOBER 26, 2007
Housing: Why All the Huffing and Puffing?
History shows a correlation between housing declines and recessions

OCTOBER 19, 2007
Diversification Gets Easier
International equity correlation to U.S. mid- and small-cap stocks is declining

OCTOBER 5, 2007
Emerging Markets: The Trend is Your Friend
S&P believes the emerging markets equity rally is supported by superior fundamentals

SEPTEMBER 28, 2007
S&P: A Fed-Fueled Sector Shift
The central bank's interest-rate cut was a catalyst for big changes by S&P Equity Strategy

SEPTEMBER 14, 2007
S&P: Ease Up on International Equities
Its Investment Policy Committee also raised its recommended portfolio allocation for cash

Winter in August Sends Chill
Deteriorating credit market conditions hit the high-yield market

AUGUST 31, 2007
Opportunity Knocks When Markets Are Rocked
S&P: Credit market turmoil creates a longer-term buying opportunity in European equities

AUGUST 10, 2007
A Speculative-Grade World
S&P: The U.S. corporate bond market crossed the threshold to junk-bond status in the second quarter

AUGUST 3, 2007
Riding the Roller Coaster
Standard & Poor's revaluation of risk continues

JULY 27, 2007
Resumption Of Yen Carry Trade Could Boost Stocks
The yen is at a natural place to weaken, technically, which could aide equities.

JULY 20, 2007
Going Ever More Global
More of the S&P 500's revenues are coming from overseas. But international diversification still pays

JULY 13, 2007
Earnings: Where's the Growth?
With corporate profit gains slowing, S&P doesn't see much upside potential from current levels for stocks this year

JUNE 29, 2007
Earnings Guidance: The Price of Silence
S&P equity analysts weigh in on quarterly guidance - and what investors need to know about it

JUNE 22, 2007
S&P's Mid-Year Investment Outlook
Why have equity prices strengthened recently, when fundamental factors have weakened?

JUNE 15, 2007
What's Up With Yields
S&P believes elevated inflation worries and increased repatriation of foreign investments are causing rates to climb

JUNE 8, 2007
Only Yesterday
On May 30, the S&P 500 finally recovered all ground lost in the 2000-02 bear market. How do current conditions compare to the previous record close seven years ago?

JUNE 1, 2007
Breakable China
S&P: Global markets may wobble when China corrects -- but they won't fall down

MAY 25, 2007
Bull Market Remains Broad Affair
Onward and upward! The stock market continues its assault on new record closing highs like the Allied Armies at the D-Day beaches.

MAY 18, 2007
Post-Record Performances
The S&P 500 is on the verge of a new closing high. Then what?

MAY 11, 2007
Cracking the Correlation Conundrum
Increasing correlations don't tell the whole story

MAY 4, 2007
Seasonal Softness Ahead?
Sell in May then walk away? S&P says yes, with a caveat

APRIL 27, 2007
Stocks Headed Higher
Market sentiment suggests the market has further to run, maybe a lot further

APRIL 20, 2007
Europe Blooms as Dollar Wilts
Foreign investors now see the euro as an attractive alternative to the greenback

APRIL 13, 2007
The Lowdown on Q1 Earnings
S&P, which says double-digit profit growth is unlikely for U.S. stocks, raises its recommended international equity exposure

MARCH 30, 2007
The Wages of Fear
S&P: Bearish investor sentiment suggests another run to the upside for stocks

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