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DECEMBER 5, 2007
Will Consumer Credit Feel the Crunch?
Rising delinquencies on credit cards suggest that problems in the U.S. mortgage market may be spreading to consumer lenders

NOVEMBER 14, 2007
Oil Stocks: Time to Go National?
S&P says state-owned petroleum outfits like top-rated CNOOC and StatoilHydro offer investors unique advantages

OCTOBER 30, 2007
Stronger Signals for Networking Stocks
Growing demand from enterprise customers is helping to offset sluggish sales to telecom carriers

OCTOBER 29, 2007
The Future of E-Books
Software and consumer-electronics giants as well as some investors are joining the publishing world for the rise of e-books. First stop: higher ed

OCTOBER 23, 2007
Blogs: The Next Takeover Target?
They reach large, loyal audiences, they're fairly cheap to run, and they can be lucrative. Media companies have their checkbooks ready

OCTOBER 17, 2007
FPL Grabs the Lead in Renewable Power
The utility, now the largest wind-power generator in the U.S., is also making a big push into solar with new operations in the Mojave and in Florida

OCTOBER 4, 2007
Universal Coverage: Stocks That Would Win
Initiatives to extend health insurance could especially benefit health-care facilities. S&P's top pick: Psychiatric Solutions

OCTOBER 3, 2007
A U.S. Nuclear Power Renaissance
No accidents since 1979, environmental concerns over coal and gas, what's not to like about nukes? Here are some ways to play the new interest

SEPTEMBER 24, 2007
Big Pharma Targets Alzheimer's
This degenerative brain disease will claim even more victims in the coming decades. Drug companies are racing to improve treatments and find a vaccine

SEPTEMBER 19, 2007
Mortgages: Congress Acts, But It's Tardy
A bill on Capitol Hill could help some home buyers avoid foreclosure, but lenders are still facing loan writedowns due to the subprime mess

SEPTEMBER 14, 2007
Why a UAW Deal Could Power Auto Stocks
S&P believes the contract should reduce labor costs and boost profits of automakers over the deal's expected four-year life

SEPTEMBER 11, 2007
Playing the Global Infrastructure Boom
As the nation's—and the world's—bridges, roads, and airports age, public private partnerships may be the most viable way to save them

AUGUST 28, 2007
Small U.S. Banks Bet on China
East West Bancorp, UCBH Holdings, and Cathay General Bancorp may seem small potatoes, but they're sure bets for growth opportunity

AUGUST 28, 2007
Rising Bets on Casino Stocks
News that Dubai World will invest $5 billion for a piece of the MGM Mirage got the M&A spark lit again

AUGUST 27, 2007
Wave Power Attracts Investors
Energy from the ocean—more predictable than wind or solar power—is being tested in various ways on an international drawing board

AUGUST 22, 2007
Stocks: Best Back-to-School Bets
S&P's analysts see strength in the electronics and footwear categories, and include Best Buy and Walgreen among their top picks

JULY 17, 2007
Telecom Earnings Preview
Motorola warns of a loss in its handset business, but equipment vendors and service providers still should show healthy growth

JULY 13, 2007
Tech Earnings Preview
Many info tech companies will release their quarterly performance reports in the next week. S&P predicts some standouts

JULY 10, 2007
Retailers: A Sneak Peek at June Sales
Shoppers may have flocked to the malls, but did they open their wallets? S&P gives its forecasts for key industry players

JULY 4, 2007
Riding the Rails With Ethanol
Major railroads and related companies could get a boost from the growth of the alt-fuel. Among the potential winners: Burlington Northern and Trinity Industries

JUNE 28, 2007
Chip Players: Survival of the Fittest
With first-quarter results poor and memory prices plummeting, sales growth is expected to slow for this year. Still, many will earn profits

JUNE 21, 2007
Utility Stocks With Plenty of Spark
Rising interest rates have weighed on many—but not all—issues in the sector. Here are S&P's recommendations

JUNE 12, 2007
Rising Rates Won't Wreck REITs
S&P says higher bond yields won't hurt the pace of M&A activity in the sector

JUNE 6, 2007
Will Online Brokers Join the M&A Rush?
Two hedge funds are pushing TD Ameritrade to merge with a rival; S&P thinks industry consolidation could be positive for shareholders

MAY 22, 2007
Will Food Companies Get Milked Dry?
The household staple now costs almost as much per gallon as gasoline. Here's how elevated prices could affect key industry players

MAY 10, 2007
Behind the Mining Merger Mania
Industry players are combining to gain greater clout in the global marketplace, but the M&A rush has left shares at unattractive valuations

MAY 7, 2007
Positive Trends for Japanese Brokers
Improving industry dynamics and possible government reforms provide new opportunities to foreign and domestic banks and brokerages

APRIL 16, 2007
Tech Earnings: S&P's Q1 Outlook
Analysts tell what to expect from key industries within the sector—and name their favorite companies in each

APRIL 9, 2007
Global Warming Ruling Won't Hurt Stocks
S&P analysts think auto and utility companies shouldn't be harmed by the recent Supreme Court decision on emissions

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