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SEPTEMBER 15, 2004
Patience Pays Off for a Value Fund
Putnam New Value Fund's David King looks beyond a stock's short-term controversy or market euphorias to seek long-term returns

A Fund Where Cash Is King
Chris Bonavico of Transamerica Premier Growth Opportunities Fund picks money-generating small- and mid-cap names with room to grow

Mining the World for Gems
American Century International Opportunities Fund digs for small foreign companies. So far, it's a winning strategy

Seeing Opportunities Others Overlook
Selected American Shares' Kenneth Feinberg seeks stocks with good earnings but low valuations. Financials top his big holdings

AUGUST 26, 2004
A Growth Fund That Blends Well
Despite its name, the Thompson Plumb Growth Fund's John Thompson attributes its good returns to strict valuation discipline

AUGUST 12, 2004
Investors, Know Your REITs
John Wenker and Julene Melquist of First American Real Estate Securities Fund explain the group's appeal, despite higher rates

JULY 29, 2004
The Lure of European Small-Caps
Jason Holzer and Borge Endresen of AIM European Small Company Fund have achieved lofty returns, thanks to their smart stock-picking

JULY 21, 2004
Fluent in Foreign Bonds and Currency
Loomis Sayles Global Bond Fund's Kenneth Buntrock and David Rolley explain how to assemble a winning fixed-income portfolio

JULY 16, 2004
A Broad Bet That Big Is Beautiful
Putnam Equity Income Fund's Bart Geer is moving away from small-cap stocks to larger outfits, especially those that pay dividends

JULY 9, 2004
Bottom-Fishing in a "High-Quality Pool"
Lord Abbett All Value Fund's Bob Fetch and Howard Hansen explain what they look for when hunting undervalued stocks

JUNE 29, 2004
Don't Be "Too Greedy in an Up Market"
That and staying focused are how Calamos Growth & Income co-manager Nick Calamos keeps his fund's long-term returns strong

JUNE 24, 2004
Temporary Trouble Can Be Rewarding
Scott Moore of American Century Value Fund finds that high-quality stocks with transitory problems can sometimes be worth investing in

JUNE 17, 2004
Thriving Below the Radar
Rodney Hathaway of the Heartland Value Plus Fund finds that a keen eye for unloved and undervalued stocks pays off

JUNE 4, 2004
A Fund That Rides on Rising Stars
IMS Capital Value Fund's Carl Marker looks for cheap mid-cap companies and jumps in only when their stocks start taking off

MAY 26, 2004
A Legg Up on the Market
Nancy Dennin of Legg Mason Value Trust explains how the fund is coping in a period that doesn't offer any broad mispricings

MAY 19, 2004
A Mortgage Fund on a Sound Footing
Jeffrey Gundlach of TCW Galileo Total Return Bond explains how his award-winning fund earns top marks and beats its peers

MAY 12, 2004
Virtue's More Tangible Reward
Daniel Boone III explains how his Calvert Social Investment Fund finds stocks that do well by doing good

MAY 6, 2004
"Expect Steadily Rising Interest Rates"
Dan Fuss explains how and why he prepared the Managers Bond Fund, winner of an S&P/BusinessWeek Excellence Award, for an era of Fed hikes

APRIL 28, 2004
A Fund with a Classic Value Mantra
Stephen Madonna of Franklin Large Cap Value, strictly a bottom-up fund, has been adding health care and trimming energy

APRIL 22, 2004
Taking a Shine to Commodities
Aaron Dunn explains how his U.S. Global Resources Fund rode the wave of rising prices for metals, oil, and other materials

APRIL 14, 2004
Winning Without Home Runs
Bert Boksen of Heritage Diversified Growth Fund/A says a diversified approach that focuses on valuations leads to steady gains

APRIL 8, 2004
Seeking Returns at a Discount
FMI Focus Fund's Glenn Primack favors cheaply valued stocks and is shifting from already lofty small caps into midcap shares

MARCH 31, 2004
Flying High with Biotechs
Franklin Biotechnology Discovery Fund's Evan McCulloch says new drugs, such as Avastin and Cialis, should keep the sector humming

MARCH 24, 2004
A Fund That Looks for Trouble
Jamie England of Meridian Value Fund finds turnaround potential in outfits that Wall Street shuns

MARCH 16, 2004
Discovering "Unpolished Gems"
By keeping a close eye on valuations and potential catalysts, the TCW Galileo Diversified Value Fund outperforms many of its peers

MARCH 10, 2004
Fair Winds from the East
Rohit Sah explains how his Oppenheimer International Small Company Fund has been buoyed by its Japanese and Indian holdings

MARCH 3, 2004
A Volatile Fund with Hot Results
Joe Frohna of First American Small Cap Growth Opportunities explains how the fund prospers: We like to be early in a stock

FEBRUARY 26, 2004
Finding Value in Foreign Lands
Ajit Dayal of Vanguard International Value Fund talks about Total, GlaxoSmithKline, and others that fit his value approach

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