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MARCH 1, 2006
When Value Can Be a Trap
Pamela Holding of Putnam International Growth & Income Fund says her philosophy is "cheapness and change"

JANUARY 20, 2006
Buying a Dollar of Assets for 60 Cents
Anne Gudefin of Mutual Discovery Fund talks about how she and her research team search for deep value around the world

JANUARY 12, 2006
A Behavioral Approach to Funds
Rosemary Macedo of Bailard International Equity Fund studies investor reactions to stay on top of the game

DECEMBER 29, 2005
Dodge & Cox's Global Success
Diana Strandberg, a manager of the firm's International Stock Fund, which returned 29.1% over three years, discusses strategy and outlook

DECEMBER 19, 2005
A Fund for All Seasons
AIM Global Equity Fund's Derek Izuel searches the world for stocks that outperform in all kinds of markets

NOVEMBER 10, 2005
Growth Worth Talking About
Chesapeake Core Growth Fund's Whit Gardner explains why chatting with top execs, suppliers, customers, and competitors can lead to tidy gains

OCTOBER 20, 2005
Avoiding Hype to Find the Hits
Money manager and market agnostic Marc Heilweil explains he why shuns any stock that becomes a market darling

OCTOBER 13, 2005
Beneath Wall Street's Radar
Kenneth Mertz of Forward Emerald Banking & Finance Fund looks for small-cap financials the market has overlooked

SEPTEMBER 30, 2005
Searching Out Overlooked Stocks
ABN AMRO/Veredus Select Growth Fund's co-managers discuss their focus on underpriced companies and why they favor homebuilders

SEPTEMBER 22, 2005
Balancing Value and Growth
Growth has been out of style, notes Oppenheimer Equity Fund's David Poiesz. Not to worry, that's where the value element of his strategy kicks in

SEPTEMBER 15, 2005
Getting a Leg up on Growth
Gary Rolle of Transamerica Premier Equity Fund stresses companies with visionary managers and a low cost of capital. It earns 5-Stars from S&P

AUGUST 29, 2005
From Flagging to Five-Star
Three years ago, fund manager Barry Ogden had a tech-bubble casualty on his hands. Here's how he made it a standout

AUGUST 18, 2005
Smart Stock Picks, with a Conscience
Calvert Large-Cap Growth Fund combines social screens and a heavy dose of quantitative analysis to buy one good stock at a time

APRIL 21, 2005
The Gateway Fund's Hedging Edge
Manager J. Patrick Rogers says his fund tries to approximate the S&P 500's price movements, while delivering lower volatility

MARCH 10, 2005
Avoiding Risky Businesses
Shawn Price of the Touchstone Large-Cap Growth Fund seeks to maximize returns, on minimal risk. Among his top holdings: Apple and Aetna

FEBRUARY 24, 2005
Finding Quality in the Bargain Bin
Principal MidCap Fund's Bill Nolin loves well-run companies, but only when their stocks are selling at a discount

FEBRUARY 16, 2005
A Different View of Value
Putnam Tax-Smart Equity Fund's Richard Cervone discusses why his outfit doesn't always see stocks with high p-e's as unattractive

JANUARY 13, 2005
Stable Value with a Growth Tilt
The managers of Century Shares Trust look for undervalued stocks of companies that are expanding faster than average

JANUARY 7, 2005
Big-Game Value Hunters
Two managers from Northern Large-Cap Value Fund explain their somewhat contrarian investing philosophy

DECEMBER 16, 2004
Seeking Stocks with Inner Drive
Loomis Sayles Growth Fund's Richard Skaggs says he favors potential market leaders with internal revenue growth boosting profit expansion

DECEMBER 9, 2004
SunAmerica Value Finds a Bigger Focus
Manager Steve Neimeth discusses the fund's shift from mid- to large-caps and why it's underweighting energy and finance stocks

DECEMBER 1, 2004
Steady Performance Reaps Solid Returns
AIM Charter Fund's Ronald Sloan scores well with his strategy to provide something for folks to hang onto through thick and thin

NOVEMBER 24, 2004
Japan: A Rising Sun for Investors
As the nation's economy slowly recovers, Ivy Cundill Global Value Fund's Peter Cundill is finding opportunities for deep-value investing

NOVEMBER 17, 2004
A Fund Hitching Its Wagon to China
When Strong Asia Pacific Fund's Anthony Cragg picks a regional stock, chances are good that he sees it gaining from the Middle Kingdom's growth

NOVEMBER 10, 2004
Value in All Shapes and Sizes
Heartland Select Value Fund's David Fondrie discusses the approach that has led him to opportunities in everything from fertilizer to electronics

NOVEMBER 3, 2004
A Windfall from Foreign Bonds
Arthur Steinmetz of Oppenheimer International Bond Fund explains why he likes fixed-income securities from emerging markets

OCTOBER 21, 2004
Dividends Juice Up a Value Fund
Bob Shearer of Merrill Lynch's top-rated Equity Dividend Fund looks for cash-paying, low-priced stocks in underperforming sectors

OCTOBER 6, 2004
Seeking Bigger Returns in Smaller Stocks
That's what Security Mid-Cap Value Fund's Jim Schier is doing because large- and mid-cap stocks are basically fully valued

SEPTEMBER 30, 2004
A Bond Fund That Spreads Its Bets
Kathleen Gaffney tells how Loomis Sayles Strategic Income Fund looks for undervalued bonds, regardless of the category

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