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AUGUST 8, 2005
A Hot Month for Hedge Funds
Thanks to the yuan revaluation, higher corporate earnings, and a bull market, all three subindexes in the field gained in July

AUGUST 4, 2005
A Word to the Wise Investor: Demographics
Boomers' sheer numbers and increasing longevity will impact investment trends, from school bonds to health care and the stocks of RV outfits

JULY 28, 2005
Will "Hot Money" Chase the Yuan?
While some believe the revaluation will mean a great cash inflow, investors need to remember that China-focused can be volatile

JULY 21, 2005
Real Estate Plays, Hassle-Free
Exchange-traded funds enable you to become a landlord of sorts, with no sinks to unclog. Here's a lowdown on what's out there

JULY 19, 2005
Funds That Keep the Hits Coming
S&P's first-ever fund-consistency scorecard shows only a small minority of top-performing funds maintain excellent returns over time

JULY 14, 2005
Real Estate Funds: Beyond the Bubble
Analysts differ about property values being unsustainable. Either way, many funds may be well cushioned against a pop

JULY 7, 2005
Index Funds with a Little Extra
PowerShares Capital Management uses intelligent screens to separate its offerings from the ETF herd. Low expenses help, too

JULY 5, 2005
The ETF Approach to Tech Investing
Picked correctly, exchange-traded funds can be a simple way to spread exposure across IT subsectors or focus on a desirable group

JUNE 30, 2005
More Than One Way to Pick a Stock
Putnam Vista Fund's Kevin Divney and Paul Marrkand mix fundamental and quantitative analysis to find promising names

JUNE 23, 2005
Chapter Two of the Large-Cap Revival?
Less susceptible to higher interest rates, many on the Street see the market's biggest names resuming the ascent that faltered in May

JUNE 8, 2005
A Bond Back From the Grave
The likely resurrection of 30-year Treasuries would help a deficit-burdened Uncle Sam juggle his bills. For investors, however, the appeal is mixed

MAY 31, 2005
Don't Shun the Newbie Fund
Newcomer portfolios are worthwhile considering if their managers have a long, successful track record in the area, say experts

MAY 19, 2005
ETFs' Goal: 401(k) Plans
Though popular elsewhere, exchange-traded funds are rare in this area, and their growth efforts here face skepticism -- and interest

MAY 12, 2005
Playing Defense, Scoring Big
Spreading the risk has been a driving factor in Putnam Diversified Income Trust's winning performance

MAY 5, 2005
Some TIPS for Your Portfolio?
While not a huge presence among fixed-income investments, expect Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities to gain favor as the CPI rises

APRIL 28, 2005
Making Amends at Janus Mercury
Since taking over in 2003, manager David Corkins has reshaped the once-beleaguered fund into an outperformer

APRIL 18, 2005
Avoiding Tax to the Max
How fund managers reduce the government's share of your fund's earnings. Plus, some happy news about dividends

APRIL 11, 2005
Faithful to Convertibles
Andrew Davis and Jason Voss of Davis Appreciation & Income Fund discuss their strategy for riding market upswings and avoiding falls

APRIL 1, 2005
Diamond Hill Finds Fewer Gems
The managers of its Small-Cap Fund have been building cash as sound investments dwindle, but this hasn't dented returns

MARCH 28, 2005
Funds for Christian Investors
Here are profiles of three mutual funds that use religious teachings as a stock-screening tool. Two earn 4-Stars ratings from S&P

MARCH 24, 2005
A New Way to Mine Gold
Investors have always been able to buy gold-mining stocks or the metal itself. Now exchange trade funds are reducing the risks and hassles

MARCH 7, 2005
The Rich Promise of the East
With their rising currencies and expanding economies, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines offer solid growth prospects

FEBRUARY 10, 2005
ETFs: It's About the Fees
Paying brokerage commissions works for lump-sum buyers, says S&P, but small investors should innovate to cut transaction costs

FEBRUARY 7, 2005
Deriving the Most from Dividends
With companies' cash at record levels, S&P thinks some funds may go to boost investor payouts. Here's how you can tap into high-yield stocks

JANUARY 27, 2005
A Worldly Eye for the Small Details
Focusing on troubled and undervalued outfits, especially foreign ones, has won handsome gains for Evergreen Global Opportunities Fund

JANUARY 26, 2005
Where Munis Lead the Way
These bonds and funds remain attractive even with rising interest rates. Here's a rundown of some of the best

DECEMBER 28, 2004
Few "Screaming Investment Ideas"
That's why the AIM Global Value Fund has a 30% cash holding, say its managers, who take a defensive approach to international investing

NOVEMBER 29, 2004
A Buyout Boon for Merger Funds
With acquisitions on the rise, mutual funds that profit from these deals can be a good match for investors looking for diversity

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