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AUGUST 27, 2007
ETFs for Clean Energy Fans
A new crop of exchange-traded funds gives exposure to alternative energy companies in a straightforward, cost-effective way

AUGUST 8, 2007
Brighter Times for Turkey?
The nation's economic stability has fueled a stock-market rally, though, as in all emerging markets, risks remain

MAY 17, 2007
Clean Energy ETFs for Green Investors
Here's a look at some of the newest exchange-traded funds that give investors exposure to alternative energy companies

APRIL 25, 2007
Mortgage Funds Dodging Subprime Bullet
Defaults in the subprime mortgage arena raise fears that the malaise might spread. But diversification reins in the risk for bondholders

APRIL 20, 2007
Europe: In Search of Greener Returns
The manager of Financière de Champlain's eco-focused funds offers his top picks for water, waste, and renewable energy stocks

JANUARY 31, 2007
Funds with Legs for the Long Run
A Standard & Poor's Persistence Scorecard highlights mutual funds that steadily beat their peers over the past five years

OCTOBER 17, 2006
Hedge Funds: Still Risky Business
In the wake of Amaranth, S&P finds that certain investment practices still could undermine the new controls put on funds

OCTOBER 13, 2006
What's Driving the Hedge Fund Boom?
With many investors clamoring for these risk takers, it's time for an S&P guide to what's facing them now

AUGUST 16, 2006
Mutual Funds: Few Consistent Winners
S&P finds only a small number of equity funds manage to keep a top-level performance over time. Here are the ones that have excelled

JUNE 21, 2006
Investor TIPS for Fighting Inflation
With the CPI up, The Fed is expected to boost interest rates in late June. Here is one strategy that protects investors from rising prices

JUNE 9, 2006
More Than Playing Defense
Harris Corp. and American Science & Engineering are among the stocks favored by fund managers investing in homeland security, S&P reports

APRIL 26, 2006
AARP Funds: Not Necessarily Golden
The advocacy group for retirees has unveiled three mutual funds of its own. But it faces stiff competition

FEBRUARY 6, 2006
Searching for Stability Overseas
MFS International Value Fund's Barnaby Wiener has an eye for undervalued stocks -- and the resolve to stick with them

JANUARY 10, 2006
Index ETFs: Watch Your Weight
Unlike most S&P index funds, which are market-cap weighted, the Rydex S&P Equal Weight Fund offers greater exposure to undervalued stocks

DECEMBER 1, 2005
S&P's Selection of Solid ETFs
To help investors diversify their assets, Standard & Poor's has come up with a model portfolio of nine exchange-traded funds

NOVEMBER 22, 2005
Real Estate Funds: Signaling Caution?
What may appear to be cash hoarding doesn't translate to expectations of a crash in the property sector, according to these fund managers

NOVEMBER 21, 2005
Tapping the Action in Microcaps
Looking for an exchange-traded fund that zeroes in on the smallest of small-fry stocks? Finally, you're in luck

NOVEMBER 17, 2005
Mid-Cap Funds: Past Their Prime?
S&P says the gains of midsize outfits' stocks may wilt as higher rates and inflation drive investors toward the safety of large-caps

NOVEMBER 3, 2005
Profit and Peril in Emerging Markets
Attracted by surging stocks in some developing countries? Make a point not to put all your eggs in one basket

OCTOBER 27, 2005
A Quant Fund with a Human Touch
BlackRock Investment Trust uses computer models to find stocks, but the ultimate decision to buy or sell is made by their analytical team

OCTOBER 24, 2005
ETFs, the Inflation Fighter
Exchange-traded funds in certain sectors may help your portfolio at a time when prices are rising. Among the sectors: energy, utilities, and health care

OCTOBER 6, 2005
In Search of Not-So-Small Pickings
Small-cap funds have been trouncing the broader market for years. Here are some of the best ones that are accepting new investors

SEPTEMBER 28, 2005
Good Morals, Good Returns
New Covenant, a Presbyterian Church-linked fund, frowns on alcohol, weapons, and gambling. That hasn't stopped it from beating the S&P 500

Japan: Recovery for Real?
Fund managers think the recent bounceback is likely to hold, due to corporate restructuring and smart moves from the central bank

A Conservative Fund's Careful Picks
George Putnam Fund's lead manager, Jeanne Mockard, discusses the portfolio's equity and bond selections, plus why she recently visited China

Which Funds Are in Katrina's Way?
S&P examines the extent of the hurricane's effects in areas ranging from oil and gas to insurance and lists the funds with exposure

AUGUST 24, 2005
Utility Funds Feel the Power
With utilities now generating robust profits, some analysts feel they can continue hiking dividends. And consolidation could keep values up, too

AUGUST 22, 2005
Know When to HOLDR
Often lumped in with ETFs, holding company depositary receipts are vastly different investments. They're appealing, but can be risky

AUGUST 22, 2005
Know When to HOLDR
Often lumped in with ETFs, holding company depositary receipts are vastly different investments. They're appealing, but can be risky

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