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APRIL 9, 2007
A NICE Way to Play the VoIP Boom
S&P sees continued strength for NICE Systems, thanks to its IP-based technologies, smart acquisitions, and a growing customer base

MARCH 27, 2007
A Favorable Diagnosis for LabCorp
The laboratory's loss of a contract with Aetna gives it a chance to rethink fundamentals, while investors could grab an attractive value

MARCH 19, 2007
MKS Instruments: A Growth Play
S&P thinks the semiconductor-equipment company will outstrip industry peers and rates the shares a strong buy

MARCH 13, 2007
It All Adds Up for ADP
The company's greater focus on its Employer Services business has prompted S&P to give ADP its highest rating: 5 STARS

MARCH 5, 2007
SonicWall: A Small-Biz Security Blanket
S&P sees good times ahead for the company, which helps small and midsize businesses keep their networks secure

FEBRUARY 26, 2007
A Compelling Case for King Pharma
S&P likes the drugmaker's growth prospects and stock valuation, and gives it a strong buy ranking

FEBRUARY 13, 2007
Noble: A Smart Drill Bet
S&P likes the company's focus on international markets and its technologically advanced rigs. It has S&P's highest rating

FEBRUARY 6, 2007
Seeing the Light on Corning
S&P likes the fiber-optics giant's growth prospects and says the shares are undervalued

JANUARY 30, 2007
Altria Group: A Value Proposition
With a possible spin-off of Kraft Foods ahead, S&P says shares of the consumer-products giant present a good opportunity

JANUARY 23, 2007
E*Trade's Business Is Clicking
S&P likes the online financial-services outfit's growth prospects and rates the shares strong buy, despite the competition

JANUARY 9, 2007
Western Digital: A Drive Buy
The hard disk drive maker has a strong balance sheet and is poised to capture greater market share. It has S&P's highest rating

DECEMBER 18, 2006
Odyssey: A Compelling Tale for Investors
S&P thinks this provider of hospice services is ready to post higher profits and fatter margins

DECEMBER 11, 2006
Stryker: Real Muscle in Orthopedics
S&P says the medical-device maker is boosting market share, thanks in part to innovative products, and gives it a strong buy ranking

DECEMBER 4, 2006
Coventry Health Care: Managing Very Well
S&P says the managed-care outfit is poised to post solid earnings growth—and it sports a compelling valuation

NOVEMBER 27, 2006
Microchip Technology: A Tech Gem
While not a marquee name, the microcontroller maker boasts steady profit growth and a nice dividend yield

NOVEMBER 13, 2006
Glatfelter's Paper Discount
S&P says this specialty outfit—with products ranging from tea bags to postage stamps—is underappreciated on the Street

NOVEMBER 6, 2006
Strong Signals for L-3 Communications
S&P sees robust profit and cash flow growth ahead for this defense contractor—and thinks it might be takeover bait

OCTOBER 30, 2006
Abercrombie & Fitch: Power Shopper
With four distinct apparel brands and international expansion driving superior earnings growth, S&P gives the retailer's shares its highest recommendation

OCTOBER 23, 2006
A Promising Picture for PMI Group
S&P thinks this mortgage insurer will benefit as its offerings become more cost-effective, and gives it a rating of 5 STARS

OCTOBER 17, 2006
Wachovia: Bigger and Still Sound
Following recent acquisitions, Wachovia is the fourth-largest bank in the U.S. S&P sees an undervalued leader with a solid future

OCTOBER 10, 2006
Vertex: A Promising Hep-C Play
S&P says the pharma company's VX-950 could not only become part of a new standard hepatitis C treatment, but also alter the treatment "paradigm"

OCTOBER 3, 2006
Schlumberger's Savvy Oil Strategies
The world's largest provider of oilfield services, it is poised to grow market share in key regions. It has S&P's highest rating

SEPTEMBER 26, 2006
Prudential's Rock-Solid Appeal
S&P rates the financial company 5-STARS due to the growth potential of its international and retirement businesses, among other advantages

SEPTEMBER 19, 2006
Wider Horizons for United Technologies
This industrial conglomerate has a stake in fields ranging from jet engines to elevators, and it's still expanding

SEPTEMBER 12, 2006
A Healthy Prognosis for Pfizer
S&P envisions continued profits ahead for the drug giant, thanks to a promising lineup of new treatments and aggressive cost savings

AUGUST 29, 2006
Teva's Generic Advantage
The Israeli pharma company is a leader in generic drugs. And a smart acquisition may extend its lead

AUGUST 22, 2006
SAP: Tapped for Bigger Things
S&P says growth from solid middle-market sales and new products makes the business software maker's shares, now undervalued, a strong buy

AUGUST 15, 2006
Carlisle's Even Keel
Despite interests in cyclical industries, this 5-STARS-ranked maker of heavy goods has a steady track record and bright outlook

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