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DECEMBER 4, 2007
A Bullish Call on AT&T
S&P likes the telecom giant's rising market share in broadband and wireless, and rates the shares strong buy

NOVEMBER 26, 2007
Baker Hughes: A Smart Oil Play
The drilling services outfit gets S&P's highest investment rating, thanks to its technological acumen and geographic reach

NOVEMBER 12, 2007
Lincoln Electric Holdings
LECO's stock suffers from investors' fears, but the world's leader in welding and cutting equipment has plenty to gain from industrial growth in emerging markets

NOVEMBER 5, 2007
Quanex: A Smart Play in Metals
S&P likes the steel and aluminum fabricator's low debt, strong free cash flow, and relatively stable earnings, and ranks the shares a strong buy

OCTOBER 29, 2007
City National: A Smart, Solid Banking Play
S&P says City National is one of the strongest midcap financial institutions it covers, and rates the shares a strong buy

OCTOBER 23, 2007
Silicon Wafer Maker MEMC Shines Bright
S&P is bullish on the company's push into the rapidly growing solar power market and rates the stock a strong buy

OCTOBER 15, 2007
A Good Deal Auto Dealer
S&P likes Group 1 Automotive, owner of car dealerships and service centers, thanks to its mix of popular vehicle brands, and rates the shares strong buy

OCTOBER 8, 2007
Mariner: Smooth Sailing Ahead
S&P thinks the oil and gas exploration and production outfit can achieve double-digit earnings and cash-flow growth over the next several years

OCTOBER 2, 2007
Hudson City: Small Bank, Big Promise
Its conservative lending policies have helped maintain credit quality, and it has enough capital to pick up bargains from the subprime mess

SEPTEMBER 25, 2007
Psychiatric Solutions' Healthy Outlook
S&P likes the fundamentals and "strong" management team of the behavioral health-services outfit, giving the stock its highest rating

SEPTEMBER 18, 2007
Teva: A Favored Pharma
Standard & Poor's likes the generic drugmaker's strong pipeline and global presence, and rates the shares a strong buy

SEPTEMBER 10, 2007
Corning: Burning Bright
S&P believes demand for the company's LCD panels and fiber-optic gear will grow and rates the stock a strong buy

AUGUST 28, 2007
Intel: Chips Above the Rest
Stronger sales of PCs, competitive technological advances, and an enticing valuation should push the company's shares higher

AUGUST 20, 2007
Medicis Has an Earnings Glow
S&P ranks Medicis Pharmaceutical a strong buy, thanks in part to an expanding dermatological product line, including a new treatment to compete with Botox

AUGUST 13, 2007
VMware IPO Adds Luster to EMC
On the eve of the eagerly awaited offering, EMC is poised to become the dominant player in information management, according to S&P

AUGUST 6, 2007
A Steak-House Stock with Sizzle
S&P likes Rare Hospitality's growth potential and valuation, and rates the shares a strong buy

JULY 31, 2007
Taking a Flyer on American Eagle
S&P likes the youth apparel retailer's merchandising and marketing strategies and rates the shares strong buy

JULY 23, 2007
Maidenform's Prospects Take Shape
With its solid sales outlook, the intimate apparel company gets a strong buy rating from S&P

JULY 17, 2007
Time to Give Six Flags a Ride
Standard & Poor's likes the theme park operator's new focus on family-oriented entertainment, and rates the stock a strong buy

JULY 9, 2007
McKesson's Promising Prognosis
S&P says the health-care distribution giant will reap above-average earnings growth and control costs. It has S&P's highest rating

JUNE 26, 2007
This Stock Makes Scents for Investors
S&P says flavor and fragrance maker Sensient has good growth opportunities outside the U.S. and rates the shares strong buy

JUNE 18, 2007
Nicor Should Heat Up
S&P, noting a recent stock price decline, likes the natural gas outfit's diversified business model and rates the shares a strong buy

JUNE 11, 2007
Genzyme: Geared for Growth
S&P likes the biotech's diverse product pipeline and considers the shares a compelling buy

JUNE 5, 2007
James River: A Bargain in the Coal Bin?
S&P says the mining outfit will benefit from higher prices for the fuel, rating James River shares a "strong buy"

MAY 21, 2007
The Many Merits of MetLife
S&P rates the insurance giant 5-STARS, citing its strong competitive advantages and robust earnings outlook

MAY 15, 2007
A Compelling Case for Cathay General
S&P likes the bank's focus on the growing Chinese-American community and rates the shares strong buy

MAY 7, 2007
Disney: Mouse on the Move
S&P says the media and entertainment giant has several catalysts for growth and a solid balance sheet, and rates the shares a strong buy

MAY 1, 2007
Strong Signals for Harris Corp.
S&P likes the earnings outlook of the communications-equipment outfit and says the shares are "materially" undervalued

APRIL 23, 2007
Why Best Buy Is a Best Bet
S&P expects the retailer to benefit from strength in consumer-electronics spending and an ability to outmaneuver competitors

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