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DECEMBER 22, 2006
Reports: Consumer Cheer, Factory Humbug
Data released Dec. 22 indicate consumers are in a positive pre-Christmas mood, but the manufacturing sector is less merry

FEBRUARY 2, 2006
Greenspan's Daunting Example
The departing Fed chief brought a healthy measure of transparency to monetary policy, and his success will be a challenge to replicate

MAY 26, 2004
Sizzling Oil Shouldn't Singe Growth
The price spike won't be painless, but S&P figures that a $10 increase will slice just 0.25% from GDP expansion for the year

APRIL 22, 2004
The Fed: Suddenly, This Summer?
After two days of Alan Greenspan testimony in Congress, the possibility of a rate hike in August is starting to look firmer

MARCH 17, 2004
A Sluggish Recovery Slows the Fed
Greenspan & Co. left rates and policy unchanged, but seemed a little more worried about growth. The next hike might wait til 2005

FEBRUARY 23, 2004
Team Bush's Tin Ear on Jobs
The Administration's prediction of 2.6 million new jobs this year was overly optimistic from the get-go. Now, it may be political dynamite

FEBRUARY 12, 2004
The Mostly Good News from Greenspan
Investors like the central bank chief's optimistic outlook on growth and inflation. He remains leery, however, of the yawning budget gap

FEBRUARY 3, 2004
Team Bush's Wishful Budget Thinking
A close look at the White House's fiscal 2005 version finds plenty of grossly unrealistic revenue and spending projections

JANUARY 29, 2004
A Big Jolt from the Fed's Small Switch
Greenspan & Co.'s reworded promise to be patient, rather than leave rates alone for a considerable period, unshackled the bears

JANUARY 27, 2004
What It'll Take to Move the Fed
Greenspan & Co. isn't about to change rates or its policy bias until a well laid-out set of economic conditions prevails

JANUARY 7, 2004
The Diving Dollar: Don't Fret -- Yet
As long as the greenback's decline is orderly, higher rates may not follow. But if it accelerates, all bets are off

DECEMBER 5, 2003
November Jobs: What the Street Missed
A key figure -- weekly hours worked -- rose for the third month in a row. That's a strong signal of an economic recovery

DECEMBER 4, 2003
Will Greenspan Shift Gears?
Positive economic data have market mavens expecting the Fed chief to alter his language -- but not policy -- at the Dec. 9 meeting

NOVEMBER 24, 2003
On the Verge of a Trade War?
White House protectionism risks more than a further weakening of the dollar: It could spark retaliation from key trading partners

NOVEMBER 21, 2003
The Dollar Isn't a Calamity, Yet
At this point, its drop is still a managed correction. Even so, the many downside risks can't be underplayed

NOVEMBER 20, 2003
A Yearend Surprise for Growth?
The consensus view on GDP may be far too cautious. New reports suggest stellar performance even into 2004's first quarter

NOVEMBER 13, 2003
Relax and Enjoy the "Greenspan Lag"
The Fed chief has a history of waiting until the last minute before hiking rates, and it's still a long way from that point

NOVEMBER 7, 2003
There's Hope for Hiring, After All
The Nov. 7 employment report's unexpectedly big surge shows that growth is starting to translate to jobs, especially service jobs

OCTOBER 29, 2003
Buying Time at the Fed
While Greenspan & Co. kept its risk assessments nearly unchanged, upcoming economic reports may prompt action in early 2004

OCTOBER 24, 2003
Steady, Sort Of, at the Fed
The Oct. 28 FOMC meeting's statement isn't likely to vary much from September's. Behind the scenes, though, sentiment is shifting

OCTOBER 22, 2003
The Deficit: No Longer Quite So Scary
The $374 billion in red ink that Uncle Sam ran up in fiscal 2003 is a record, but it's well below the catastrophic levels many feared

OCTOBER 10, 2003
Team Bush's Tightrope Walk on China
When it comes to the yuan's value, the White House has to balance domestic political pressure against the dangers of a weaker dollar

OCTOBER 9, 2003
Where the Golden State Still Shines
Some emerging statistics on California's diverse economy could mean the new governor's job is somewhat less impossible than many think

OCTOBER 7, 2003
Jobs: Solid Growth into the New Year
September's small increase marks a turning point. Finally, the recovery appears set to see the employment gains it needs to be sustained

SEPTEMBER 23, 2003
Strong Talk for a Weaker Dollar
The G7 nations' implicit criticism of China and Japan spells out the case for a devalued greenback. If history is any guide, it's certain to happen

SEPTEMBER 23, 2003
Strong Talk for a Weaker Dollar
The G7 nations' implicit criticism of China and Japan spells out the case for a devalued greenback. If history is any guide, it's certain to happen

SEPTEMBER 17, 2003
From the Fed, Bland News Is Good News
Greenspan & Co., didn't ruffle any feathers with the Sept. 16 statement, reassuring investors that rates won't rise for a considerable period

SEPTEMBER 12, 2003
Stricter Parenting for Freddie and Fannie
Whatever its final form, Treasury Secretary John Snow's new oversight plan should repair the agencies' tarnished credibility

SEPTEMBER 10, 2003
Consumers Keep Their Running Shoes On
While some fear that one-time factors are behind the recent spurt in retail sales, MMS expects the fourth-quarter pace to remain healthy

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