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MARCH 15, 2006
U.S. Retail Sales Stumble in February
Sales at retailers dropped last month. But the trend for consumer spending is still solid, and March looks strong

MAY 2, 2005
"Measured" Hikes Still on Tap?
Given some weaker-than-expected data, S&P says the Fed isn't likely to signal an accelerated pace in rate increases at its May 3 meeting

DECEMBER 8, 2004
No Holiday Punch for Chain Stores
Disappointing Christmas sales suggest consumers aren't in a real spending mood. Overall, though, the economy is growing at a steady pace

NOVEMBER 23, 2004
Making Sense of the Dollar's Drop
S&P on the currency's sharp decline, why it will continue, and what it means for Federal Reserve policy

JULY 30, 2004
Economy Grows Modestly
The 3.0% gain in gross domestic product for the second quarter was weaker than economists expected

JUNE 28, 2004
After Greenspan, Who?
The 78-year-old Fed chief has just begun another term, but a slew of new hires suggests a deep pool of potential heirs is being assembled

JUNE 7, 2004
Job Growth Blossoms in May
The month's better than expected data make a Fed rate hike in June nearly certain

APRIL 14, 2004
Consumer Prices Jump
Higher than expected inflation will raise expectations that a rate hike will come sooner than later

APRIL 2, 2004
What the Jobs Number Won't Do
The March report's headline figure of 308,000 has some curious aspects. And even if perfectly accurate, it's not enough to budge the Fed

MARCH 5, 2004
Job Growth Disappoints -- Again
The employment report signals that hiring won't pick up as rapidly as hoped -- and allows the Fed to bide its time on hiking rates

MARCH 2, 2004
Greenspan Goes Conceptual
The Fed chief capped his busy week by pondering the right balance in intellectual property protection for maximum U.S. growth

FEBRUARY 27, 2004
GDP Gets Revised Higher
Higher personal spending helps lift the economy's growth rate for the fourth quarter. Also: updates on Chicago PMI and consumer sentiment

FEBRUARY 24, 2004
An Erosion of Confidence
The Conference Board's latest consumer survey confirms what others have found: Job-market worries are weighing heavily

FEBRUARY 20, 2004
Consumer Prices Rise
The increase came predominantly from a jump in energy-related items. But short-term consumer price trends are mostly still very cool

JANUARY 30, 2004
The Recovery: From a Gallop to a Trot
The 4.0% preliminary GDP rate for the fourth quarter disappointed the Street, but may not make much difference to Fed policy

JANUARY 9, 2004
A Chilly December for the Labor Market
The paltry job growth seen in the month's employment report means the Fed can take its time on raising interest rates

JANUARY 2, 2004
Some New Year's Cheer for U.S. Manufacturing
A key gauge of factory activity showed surprising strength in December, posting its highest reading in two decades

DECEMBER 5, 2003
Jobs Picture Remains Positive
Despite the disappointing increase in payrolls, the November employment data still signal an improving labor market

DECEMBER 1, 2003
Factories Hum Louder in November
With inventory levels depleted, manufacturers now have no choice but to keep up with ongoing strong demand

NOVEMBER 25, 2003
GDP Gets Revised Higher
Economic growth was much stronger than expected in the third quarter. Consumer confidence also jumped

NOVEMBER 14, 2003
Wholesale Prices Surge
The gain in the PPI was largely due to the changeover by auto makers to a new model year. Also: updates on consumer sentiment, retail sales, and industrial production

OCTOBER 30, 2003
The Surprises Inside the GDP Stunner
Beyond the headline 7.2% third-quarter growth rate are some welcome improvements in business spending on equipment and software

OCTOBER 16, 2003
Consumer Prices Rise
The Philadelphia Fed survey shows a big jump in manufacturing, plus updates on industrial production, capacity utilization, and jobless claims

OCTOBER 10, 2003
Wholesale Prices Rise More Than Forecast
The latest report shows prices excluding food and energy were flat. Also: the trade deficit narrows in August

OCTOBER 3, 2003
Employment Picture Improves
The rise in payrolls in September shows that the labor market may finally be improving with the economy

SEPTEMBER 26, 2003
Economic Growth Revised Higher
Also: Consumer sentiment slips

SEPTEMBER 12, 2003
Retail Sales Rise Disappoints
Also, the University of Michigan's consumer sentiment index falls, while wholesale prices edge higer

SEPTEMBER 11, 2003
The Risks of Getting Tough with China
Lawmakers who want to punish Beijing for declining to revalue the yuan don't recognize that the unintended consequences could be dire

A Cruel Summer for the Labor Market
The August employment report showed a greater-than-expected decline in jobs -- and few signs of any pickup in hiring

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