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DECEMBER 3, 2007
Have Investors Learned Their LBO Lessons?
In tracking buyouts over the past few decades, S&P finds that dealmakers are taking on ever-higher levels of risk

OCTOBER 24, 2007
S&P Downgrades Merrill Lynch after "Startling" Loss
The ratings agency cites concerns about the Wall Street giant's risk management practices and business strategy

OCTOBER 16, 2007
Taking Tech's Temperature
S&P Ratings looks at the sector's credit quality and finds positive trends despite the credit crunch and a spate of big LBOs

OCTOBER 10, 2007
Cable vs. Telco: The Battle Heats Up
S&P Ratings examines the competitive landscape as players from both camps scramble to sign up customers for voice, video, and broadband offerings

SEPTEMBER 27, 2007
Corporate Credit Ratings Hit a Low Point
S&P Ratings says the credit profile for U.S. industrial companies is at its weakest level ever—and it's likely to get worse

SEPTEMBER 13, 2007
Banks: Gauging the Subprime Spillover
S&P Ratings says the rapid falloff of mortgage liquidity is the key risk for financial institutions—and could hurt third-quarter results

AUGUST 29, 2007
A Stress Test for Investment Banks
How could the current credit crunch affect their profitability? S&P Ratings looks at the effects of the 1998 market gyrations for clues

AUGUST 10, 2007
Are Banks Selling Risk or Holding It?
S&P Ratings says that even with the boom in collateralized and syndicated debt, major banks still haven't lowered their overall risk

AUGUST 3, 2007
Bear Stearns: Behind S&P's Negative Call
The ratings agency cut its outlook on the company, citing continued mortgage exposure and litigation risk. Still, S&P thinks Bear has strong liquidity

JULY 10, 2007
S&P Warns on Subprime-Backed Issues
The ratings agency places $12 billion in residential mortgage-backed securities on CreditWatch negative, due to poor-performing underlying loans

JULY 3, 2007
S&P's Tech Survey: The LBO Pace Quickens
The rating agency says solid growth should continue for the IT sector, but buyouts could undercut credit quality for industry players

MAY 14, 2007
Will Warming Chill the Global Economy?
The cost of curbing greenhouse gas emissions has gigantic implications for economies and markets worldwide

APRIL 30, 2007
Delta Gets a Lift on Its Credit Rating
Standard & Poor's looks at the carrier's strategy as it emerges from bankruptcy protection, and raises it to a B credit rating

APRIL 18, 2007
Housing: Is the Worst Over?
S&P sees some tentative signs that the market is bottoming out, but it will take a while to get rid of excess inventory of unsold homes

APRIL 12, 2007
EMI Moves to non-DRM Music. What's Next?
The first big music label to change to freely transferable digital music may set a trend in marketing strategy—or set itself up for more piracy

APRIL 3, 2007
Pickup Trucks at the Crossroads
S&P Ratings says U.S. truck makers, while not about to cede dominance, may lose key profits as Toyota mounts a big push with its Tundra

MARCH 13, 2007
A Primer for the Subprime Problem
The growing number of defaults in the subprime-mortgage market has many investors confused. S&P has some answers to common questions

FEBRUARY 14, 2007
A Boost for Big U.S. Banks
S&P hikes credit ratings on six big banking players including Citi, JPMorgan Chase, and Bank of America

FEBRUARY 13, 2007
S&P: Nuke Deal Could Boost Korea Ratings
If North Korea follows through on its agreement South Korea could see improvement, as long as geopolitical risks are reduced

FEBRUARY 7, 2007
M&A: Where the Action Is
S&P Ratings sizes up the sectors that could see the most deals in the coming year. Among the winners: banks and exchanges

JANUARY 30, 2007
India Joins the Investment-Grade Club
S&P boosts the republic's credit rating to BBB-, citing its strong growth and improving fiscal position

JANUARY 29, 2007
GM's Financial Clouds Darken
S&P Ratings says the automaker's restatement of 2002-06 is cause for worry, but for now, its credit rating stays put

JANUARY 24, 2007
A Slippery Slope for Oil Outfits
S&P Ratings says factors such as demand swings, reserve replacement, and geopolitical risks could hurt the sector's credit quality

JANUARY 16, 2007
Movie Downloads: A Studio Happy Ending?
Hollywood has an interest in having more than one platform to avoid losing control of pricing to Apple or another intermediary

JANUARY 11, 2007
Record Labels Need a Digital Hit
S&P Ratings runs down the prospects for major players like Sony and Bertelsmann as they struggle to adapt to the MP3 era

DECEMBER 26, 2006
Corporate Bonds: Riskier Terrain in '07
The environment calls for some caution, including a defensive credit strategy and a wary approach to cyclically sensitive industries

DECEMBER 15, 2006
Asia 2007: A Lower Gear for Stocks
S&P sizes up prospects for the region's equity markets in the coming year. Among the best-positioned: South Korea and Taiwan

DECEMBER 14, 2006
Asia 2007: Robust Growth, Rising Risks
S&P Ratings says the region's economies and financial markets should remain solid, but an overheated M&A market could boost investor concerns

DECEMBER 13, 2006
Flush Times for Europe's High-Yield Market
It's poised for a bright beginning in 2007, but rising risk consciousness may make the market lose some momentum by yearend

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