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DECEMBER 3, 2007
Girls Dominate the Siemens Competition
For the first time in the prestigious national math and science contest's nine-year history, girls were awarded both grand prizes

NOVEMBER 30, 2007
Facebook Dims the Beacon Spotlight
The social network gives in to complaints, granting users greater control over a system that shares information about Web activity

NOVEMBER 30, 2007
Motorola: The End of the Zander Era
Ed Zander's exit was hastened by a failure to anticipate demand for 3G phones. Can Greg Brown help Motorola regain market share?

NOVEMBER 30, 2007
Dell: Confounded by Costs
Restructuring expenses will take further toll on the computer maker's earnings, likely weighing on shares and delaying its turnaround

NOVEMBER 28, 2007
Facebook May Revamp Beacon
After pressure from MoveOn and members, the social network may change a policy on sharing info on users' Web buying and activities

NOVEMBER 20, 2007
Behind Freddie and Fannie's Free Fall
Analysts slash ratings and investors trounce share prices as the home financiers post huge third-quarter losses

NOVEMBER 19, 2007
Mounting Peer-to-Peer Pressure for Comcast
Comcast's traffic-filtering efforts are the subject of FCC complaints and a lawsuit. At issue: ISPs right to control the flow of data over their networks

NOVEMBER 16, 2007
Starbucks: Trouble in Latte Land
The company responsible for the ubiquity of coffee shops finds itself struggling with flagging growth, increased competition, and a declining stock price

NOVEMBER 16, 2007
Google's Solo Wireless Bid
The king of search will bid alone at January's auction of wireless airwaves, but it's likely to need a partner to develop a network

NOVEMBER 15, 2007
Meet the New NYSE Boss
John Thain's replacement at the New York Stock Exchange, Duncan Niederauer, may need to work on his diplomatic skills

NOVEMBER 14, 2007
The EU Delays Google's Ad Buy
European officials want more time to review the proposed DoubleClick deal, and critics in the U.S. hope the FTC is paying attention

NOVEMBER 9, 2007
Vonage's Troubles Aren't Over
Operating results have improved and Vonage has settled its patent lawsuits, but it now faces a debt-refinancing crunch

NOVEMBER 8, 2007
Can Citi Regroup?
Many investors want a breakup, but the arguments against splitting up the financial giant are powerful

NOVEMBER 8, 2007
Finance's Troubles Infect Tech
As Wall Street's giants take massive writedowns, fears are growing about the impact on technology budgets

NOVEMBER 8, 2007
The Upshot of the Dollar's Fall
The dollar's descent to record lows has many market players fretting, but there are positives, too. Here's what you need to know

NOVEMBER 7, 2007
Facebook: Marketers Are Your 'Friends'
The social network's new ad system delivers everything you say, do, and buy to marketers—with no opt out

NOVEMBER 7, 2007
AT&T to Get Tough on Piracy
It wants to incorporate antipiracy technology to protect video content and attract advertisers, but runs the risk of enraging privacy advocates and others

NOVEMBER 6, 2007
IAC: Breaking Up May Be Hard to Do
Barry Diller will need to offer major concessions to John Malone, chairman of IAC's biggest shareholder, Liberty Media

NOVEMBER 6, 2007
Microsoft IPTV: At Long Last, Progress
Telecom carriers of the TV technology from Redmond are finally boosting subscriber numbers, raising hopes it will deliver on the promise of true interactivity

NOVEMBER 5, 2007
'Do Not Track' Could Backfire
Adoption of a federal list intended to limit monitoring of Web surfers could lead to a barrage of extra advertising—on some of the most popular sites

NOVEMBER 5, 2007
Oracle Fusion Gets a New Boss
Thomas Kurian is taking over the pivotal effort to make sense of the bevy of business software products acquired during CEO Ellison's three-year spree

NOVEMBER 5, 2007
The Persistent Credit Crunch
Months after the market began feeling the ill effects of subprime "garbage loans," things still look terrible. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

NOVEMBER 1, 2007
The U.S. Is Unhappy with Its Health Care
A new survey shows the percentage of Americans who want wholesale system reform is higher than in six other industrialized countries

OCTOBER 31, 2007
Google Girds for Facebook Fight
The No. 1 search engine is banding together with other sites and software developers to build its own social networking ecosystem

OCTOBER 30, 2007
MercadoLibre: The eBay of Latin America
Since going public in August, its stock price has shot up 148%. The e-commerce site has copied eBay's successes—can it avoid the U.S. site's mistakes?

OCTOBER 30, 2007
BEA or Ellison: Who Will Prevail?
The middleware provider is holding out for a sweeter deal, but Oracle hasn't made another offer and shareholder Carl Icahn is pushing hard for a sale

OCTOBER 26, 2007
Microsoft Results Turn Heads
Despite reliable growth, Microsoft's unsexy stock has often failed to attract jaded investors. Its spectacular first-quarter earnings have changed that

OCTOBER 26, 2007
Zander's 'Progress'
Motorola's embattled CEO reflects on plans for new products and increased profitability after the handset maker showed signs of improvement last quarter

OCTOBER 25, 2007
Microsoft and Facebook Hook Up
The $240 million deal offers the software titan an appealing slice of online advertising—and a $15 billion valuation for Facebook

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