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Battles over the consumer protection agency heat up

Posted by: Jessica Silver-Greenberg on August 06

Efforts at reform are usually met with fisticuffs. So it’s certainly not surprising that the Obama administration’s push for financial regulatory reform has lobbyists, bankers, and lawmakers geared up for…

What Companies Will Never Tell You

Posted by: David Henry on June 16

The Financial Accounting Standards Board is working on a new rule that would clearly require companies to tell investors when there is a substantial doubt that their company will continue…

Derivatives and the Blizzard of Paperwork

Posted by: Matthew Goldstein on May 15

Frank Partnoy, who has been warning about the dangers of derivatives for years, makes some good points in an op-ed in The New York Times about the Obama administration’s plan…

No More Too Big to Fail

Posted by: Matthew Goldstein on March 23

The Obama administration is on the verge of rolling out a series of new regulations to prevent a repeat of the still rampaging financial crisis. But it’s not enough for…


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