Moving On

Posted by: Matthew Goldstein on May 20

No. Unstructured Finance isn’t going anywhere, but I am. Friday’s my last day at BusinessWeek. It’s been a good run, but I’m moving to Reuters where I’ll be a columnist and part of a new commentary group.

But don’t worry, Unstructured Finance is being left in good hands. My colleagues David Henry and Adrienne Carter will continue to post. And in the next few days, they’ll be joined by a new group of finance bloggers: Mara Der Hovanesian, Peter Carbonara and Jessica Silver-Greenberg. As I said in January, Unstructured Finance will continue to cover finance and Wall Street with an eye towards being “provocative, newsy and even a little irreverent.”

Thank you for your interest. This blog is no longer active.



BusinessWeek's Adrienne Carter, Jessica Silver-Greenberg, and David Henry deconstruct the mysteries of high finance, Wall Street, and hedge funds for pros and ordinary investors. E-mail them directly if you've got tips about big deals, a hedge fund, or even securities industry gossip.

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