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Phelps Dodge Foundation
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Signature program:

We have two programs, see 10b
Phelps Dodge operates two signature programs, both of which support our focus on "community safety."

1. The Phelps Dodge Foundation Domestic Violence Initiative / Shelter Grants Program

2. The Red Cross / Phelps Dodge International Youth Leadership and Safety Conference

"Domestic Violence Initiative / Shelter Grants Program"

Its objective is to address the issue of family violence in metropolitan and rural communities where Phelps Dodge Corporation (or one of its subsidiaries) had an operating presence. First among our company's core values is safety. We have characterized our safety commitment as "Zero and Beyond." For Phelps Dodge, this signifies achieving "zero" safety incidents in the workplace and extending that commitment to all aspects of our lives, "beyond" the workplace. We continue to recognize that domestic violence is a growing problem across the country that not only threatens the safety of families, but also undermines the safety of the workplace and communities as a whole.

Initiative Goals

Through this initiative, the Phelps Dodge Foundation, Phelps Dodge Corporation and its subsidiary operations hope to:

* Raise awareness among the corporate and foundation community and the general public about the need to become involved and help alleviate the problem, while encouraging a greater commitment to family and community safety.

* Provide additional funds not previously available to domestic violence shelters to help maintain (or increase where possible) the services available to victims.

* Address the need for unrestricted funding to support general operations for emergency services - often the most urgently needed and difficult to secure.

* To provide additional resources, such as volunteer support and board representatives to help meet shelter needs.

* To assist shelter providers in securing new sources of funding when possible (leveraging Phelps Dodge Foundation funding).

Red Cross/Phelps Dodge International Youth Leadership and Safety Conference

Sponsored by Phelps Dodge Foundation and the American Red Cross Grand Canyon Chapter, the safety conference has impacted more than 560 youth from 14 countries between the ages of 14 and 19 over the past 5 years. The safety conference is designed to help raise the safety consciousness of youth, while also increasing the "social capital" of communities by developing effective and engaged future leaders, ultimately increasing the number of youth participating in community service projects.

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Change since 2002 351.7 %

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 Major Objectives

To support the quality of life in communities where we have operations
To maintain and enhance our license to operate in our communities
To strengthen the Company's reputation as a good citizen and a good neighbor
To attract and retain the best employees / Support Phelps Dodge employees and their families.
To raise awareness and increase public education about the value of our industry
Encourage the development of relationships, partnerships and stakeholder engagement.
Leverage resources.