Top 50 Corporate Giver

M&T Bank Corp (MTB)


Shelley C. Drake, President, M&T Charitable Foundation

Foundation program:

The M&T Charitable Foundation
 % of giving is through foundation

Signature program:

[none listed]

2004 cash donations $ 13,500,000
As pct. of revenue 0.4 %
As pct. of earnings 1.3 %
Change since 2003 -1.5 %
Change since 2002 0 %

2004 in-kind donations 
As pct. of revenue 0 %
As pct. of earnings 0 %
Change since 2003 0 %
Change since 2002 0 %

Projected increase/decrease increase

 Favored Issues
  arts   education   community development   health care   international
  Arts   Edu   Comm   Health   Intl

   Other / specifics:   Civic
Human Services

 Major Objectives

M&T has always believed that the success of the bank is inextricably related to the health and vitality of the communities in which we do business - a philosophy of giving that may be called "enlightened self-interest." The better off a community is, the better off we are.

We understand the need to serve our communities in ways that go beyond the manner in which we do business.

So, even as we take pride in our growth as an institution, we recognize that size and success bring with them other responsibilities as well. Among them is the obligation to support and strengthen the communities in which we do business.