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General Electric (GE)


Amaya Gorostiaga

Foundation program:

GE Foundation
45 % of giving is through foundation

Signature program:

College Bound, Africa Healthcare Initiative, Global Community Days
College Bound was established in 1989 to significantly increase college-going rates at inner-city schools, with more than $30 million invested to date. The GE Foundation is now investing another $100 million over the next five years on a district-focused strategy with select school districts. The goal is to increase the number of college-bound students throughout each district through constituency engagement, management capacity building, a rigorous math and science curriculum, professional development, and in-depth evaluation. In each district, the Foundation works in partnership with the Teacher's Union, Board of Education and Superintendent. The Foundation is also working with the American Institute for Research to evaluate the success of the district programs so that they can be leveraged in other school districts. The program utilizes the skills and energy of GE leadership and GE Volunteers who mentor and motivate College Bound students. The District Program will be launched in the Fall of 2005, when GE will announce a $25 million grant, the largest single grant in the Foundation's history.

Africa Health Care Initiative: GE's five-year $20 million humanitarian project aims to bring improved health care and related infrastructure to hospitals and clinics in Africa. Three GE businesses--GE Infrastructure, GE Healthcare and GE Industrial--are donating a combination of healthcare, power generation equipment, water filtration systems, appliances and lighting to African clinics and hospitals. The goal is to help reduce mortality rates by providing sustainable access to cleaner water, medical treatment and power, across a number of sites in Africa. The project started in Ghana in October, 2004 and will expand to Uganda and other African countries over the course of the project.

Global Community Days is a GE-wide, global volunteer event that occurs every year. In 2005, more than 20,000 GE Volunteers participated in hundreds of service projects in six continents across the globe.

2004 cash donations $ 81,000,000
As pct. of revenue 0.1 %
As pct. of earnings 0.4 %
Change since 2003 9.6 %
Change since 2002 12.7 %

2004 in-kind donations $ 36,000,000
As pct. of revenue 0 %
As pct. of earnings 0.2 %
Change since 2003 46.3 %
Change since 2002 5660 %

Projected increase/decrease increase

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  arts   education   community development   health care   international
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Public policy

 Major Objectives

GE seeks to make an impact and provide sustainable solutions to some of the world's toughest issues. Beyond providing donations, GE addresses problems specific to the areas we are helping, and seeks deep and sustainable impact through comprehensive, data-driven initiatives. The GE Foundation seeks to improve the access, equity and quality of public education in GE communities around the world.