Top 50 Corporate Giver

Sprint Corp. FON (FON)


Ralph Reid

Foundation program:

Sprint Foundation
51 % of giving is through foundation

Signature program:

Sprint Project Connect and Sprint Achievement Program
We have two signature programs. Sprint Project Connect is a wireless phone recycling program that was launched in 2002 and is executed in all of our retail stores nationwide.

Since inception, Sprint Project Connect has raised $1.4 million for charity, and has prevented nearly 500,000 wireless phones from ending up in landfills.

In 2004 Sprint launched the Sprint Achievement Program that provides grants between $500 and $5000 to K-12 educators for classroom-based projects.

In less than 2 years, more than 200 educators have received over $600,000 for classroom-based projects that contribute to and improve student achievement, family engagement and educator development.

2004 cash donations $ 7,013,344
As pct. of revenue 0 %
As pct. of earnings 0 %
Change since 2003 34.9 %
Change since 2002 -29.9 %

2004 in-kind donations $ 3,106,623
As pct. of revenue 0 %
As pct. of earnings 0 %
Change since 2003 0 %
Change since 2002 55.3 %

Projected increase/decrease no change

 Favored Issues
  arts   education   community development   health care   international
  Arts   Edu   Comm   Health   Intl

   Other / specifics:   Youth development

 Major Objectives

At Sprint, we leverage our resources--employees, technology and the financial assets of the Sprint Foundation--to demonstrate our commitment to the communities where our employees live and work by supporting initiatives and programs that focus on improving K-12 public education, safety, the environment and other strategic efforts that contribute to a strong community infrastructure.

Sprint's primary focus is K-12 public education and we are committed to creating programs that are valuable to educators, students and families. In early 2004 we met with 15 area superintendents to get their input on our newly designed K-12 education programs and projects before rolling them out. We wanted to ensure we were developing programs that not only met our needs but also those of the educators and that we had their support. We have involved the educators and have listened to their feedback throughout the entire design and initial implementation phase of our new focus.