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National reports have concluded that students are becoming less interested in pursuing careers in math, science, and technology. Therefore, EMC is committed to working with national policymakers and education specialists to outline new steps for fueling the pipeline of math and science students in the US.

EMC President and CEO Joe Tucci is chairman of The Business Roundtable's Task Force on Education and the Workforce. (The Business Roundtable is an association of 150 chief executive officers of leading corporations committed to advocating public policies that foster vigorous economic growth and a dynamic global economy.) The task force works to improve education performance and workforce competitiveness in the U.S. with an emphasis on ensuring that American high school graduates are prepared to succeed in the global economy.

The members of the Business Roundtable strongly believe that it is time to pursue a dramatically increased commitment to math and science. The Task Force on Education and the Workforce has prepared a statement--signed by presidents of major national business organizations--so that the national business community might speak with one voice on the need to address U.S. competitiveness in science, math, technology, and engineering education. They have identified a goal to double the number of graduates in these areas of study by the year 2015.

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 Major Objectives

EMC invests in two key areas: championing math and science education and strengthening local communities. Corporate giving, in-kind contributions, and volunteerism are some of the many ways EMC expresses its commitment to the community.

Supporting math and science education
EMC believes tomorrow's workforce must be technically literate to succeed. To be technically literate, today's students must be fully competent in math and science.

EMC is focused on supporting educational programs from kindergarten through high school that engage children, especially girls, young women, and underrepresented minorities, in math and science, and that encourage and support them in considering careers in today's information and technology-intensive economy. EMC promotes workforce development through partnerships with local youth programs, vocational high schools, community colleges, and universities. EMC donates and encourages use of computer technology to augment classroom teaching, sponsors intensive teacher training and development, and supports regional and national math, science, and engineering competitions.

Investing in local communities
EMC invests in its local communities, especially in strengthening public health and safety, improving the lives of disadvantaged children and their families, and funding the arts.

Our goal is to be socially responsible and responsive. We know that advantages bring corresponding responsibilities, and we will continue to work to be an involved corporate citizen and thoughtful neighbor in our local and global communities.