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One Dell: One Community
Global citizenship is a core value of Dell and helps define our identity as a corporation. The Dell team worldwide is committed to sharing its talents with the communities we call home and to making a real difference in the lives of many. We exhibit this commitment by supporting innovative and effective programs that address the health and human services, education, and technology access for youth through our financial support and volunteerism.

Dell strives to educate its workforce about the needs of the community. Community Involvement Fairs held on Dell campuses bring nonprofit organizations together with employees, enabling the Dell team to connect with organizations in their area. In 2004, fairs were held around the world, with thousands of employees connecting to hundreds of organizations. In addition, Dell maintains an ongoing education program for employees, reminding them about opportunities to get involved in the community throughout the year.

Dell dedicates September to Global Community Involvement month. During September 2004, more than 17,500 employees volunteered in their communities, donating more than 78,000 hours and making an economic impact of $1.3 million. In 2004, participation increased 146 percent from 2003. Dell also encourages volunteerism throughout the year by helping employees find opportunities in their communities. By partnering with VolunteerMatch, Dell offers employees a customized online tool to quickly find local opportunities. Working with non-profit organizations, VolunteerMatch provided employees hundreds of team-building volunteer opportunities during Global Community Involvement Month in September and throughout the year that support the needs and issues facing Dell communities. In addition, Dell's team-building matching grant program encourages volunteerism by providing a financial match that goes directly to the organization where the Dell team volunteered.

Through our annual Direct Giving campaign, Dell employees pledged more than $3.3 million to assist organizations around the world, with a 27 percent increase for 2003. Although primarily a U.S. effort, Direct Giving has expanded this year to include Canada, Ireland, Panama, Brazil and India. In addition to this planned campaign, in the wake of the tsunami disaster in Asia, Dell organized a fundraising drive and employees around the globe joined the company to contribute more than $2 million to aid tsunami relief.

As a corporation, Dell's grant program drives to equip youth to learn and excel in a world driven by the digital economy. In the United States, Dell awards a variety of grants, including Healthy Community grants to address basic needs for children, such as food, shelter, safety and healthcare; Literate Community grants to empower communities to provide quality education, particularly in math, science and literacy; Connected Community grants that aim to address technology access needs through computer labs in communities with limited access to technology; and lastly Open grants that benefit non-profit organizations that provide services to children in communities Dell calls home. Globally, Dell supports grants in Brazil, India, Malaysia and Spain providing technology and funding for nonprofit organizations that benefit underserved children in these countries.

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 Major Objectives

Dell Foundation is committed to contributing significantly to the quality of life in communities where Dell employees live and work. The Foundation supports innovative and effective programs that provide fundamental prerequisites to equip youth to learn and excel in a world driven by the digital economy.

The Foundation supports a wide range of programs that benefit newborns to children 18 years old in Dell's principle U.S. locations, and welcomes proposals from nonprofit organizations that address the health and human services, the education, and the technology access for youth.