Top 50 Corporate Giver

Rockwell Collins (COL)


Cindy Dietz

Foundation program:

Rockwell Collins Charitable Corporation
90 % of giving is through foundation

Signature program:

Rockwell Collins K-12 Partnership Program
The K-12 Partnership Program is designed to support education through employee volunteerism. We offer paid time off for approved school projects and focus on programs and projects in math, science, engineering and technology

2004 cash donations $ 2,365,371
As pct. of revenue 0.1 %
As pct. of earnings 0.6 %
Change since 2003 9.5 %
Change since 2002 0.9 %

2004 in-kind donations $ 856,481
As pct. of revenue 0 %
As pct. of earnings 0.2 %
Change since 2003 11.2 %
Change since 2002 8464.7 %

Projected increase/decrease increase

 Favored Issues
  arts   education   community development   health care   international
  Arts   Edu   Comm   Health   Intl

 Major Objectives

Education, especially math, science, engineering, technology
Arts & culture, emphasis on activities involving/impacting youth