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Solar Update: More Volatility On The Cards

Posted by: Mark Scott on August 25

Here's an interesting take on what's going on in the solar industry. According to Credit Suisse: "Stable, but much lower [polysilicon] pricing from [the second quarter of 2010] will pull...

Solar Market Yet to Hit Rock Bottom

Posted by: Mark Scott on July 28

More evidence the solar market has yet to bottom out. According to researcher iSuppli, inventories across the industry -- from polysilicon to solar modules to wafers – rose 64% in...

Living with solar panels in California: The $11 power bill

Posted by: Adam Aston on June 24

There's a fascinating, deep-dive on one home owner's experience with solar energy over at (see link below). Loyd Case installed about 6 kw or about 27 panels on his...

Sun shades cool parking lots, pump out solar energy

Posted by: Adam Aston on May 29

Add up all the asphalt parking lots surrounding the nation’s malls, offices and commuter hubs, and there’s more than enough blacktop to pave over Connecticut. Envision Solar International hopes...


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