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Why New York City's third try with tidal power is good news for the U.S.

Posted by: Adam Aston on August 24

Good news. Verdant Power is set to restart its groundbreaking renewable energy project in New York's East River. The news suggests that this and other cities are emerging as centers...

Dump a plastic bag, plant a tree in NYC

Posted by: Adam Aston on March 26

New York is joining a growing list of cities encouraging stores and consumers to stop using landfill-clogging, rarely-recycled plastic bags. Whole Foods Markets is helping out with a limited-edition,...

Worrying about a tidal wave of water bottles

Posted by: Adam Aston on June 01

What drives me nuts is the trail of flattened, crushed and glinting plastic bottles left in the wake of all this hydration. The bottles are problem from cradle to grave. During production and distribution, the energy used to pump, bottle, ship, and chill the millions of bottles water is enormous, especially when contrasted with the highly efficient network of reservoirs, tanks, pipes and spigots that bring water to most homes and buildings in the U.S.


BusinessWeek correspondents John Carey and Mark Scott, cover the green scene, keeping on top of the business aspects of energy, the environment and climate change, as well as the technologies, policies, markets and people that are shaping how the earth's resources will be used in the century ahead.

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