Lewis S. Ranieri:
Your Mortgage Was His Bond

The bond trader turned home loans into tradable securities

DECEMBER 6, 2004

Pierre M. Omidyar: The Web For The People

EBay's founder crafted an online market where participants set the rules

NOVEMBER 24, 2004

Pete Rozelle: The NFL's MVP

During his 29-year run as commissioner, he built the league into a powerhouse, topped by the annual Super Bowl extravaganza

NOVEMBER 15, 2004

Bill Gates: The Seer From Seattle

His insights helped stimulate innovation in the fledgling PC industry

NOVEMBER 10, 2004

Mark McCormack, Superagent

The founder of IMG managed and marketed athletes from Arnold Palmer to Monica Seles in a way that changed the game profoundly

NOVEMBER 8, 2004

Timothy J. Berners-Lee: Spinning The World's Web

It's hard to imagine now, but pre-1991, few grasped the potential of connecting everyone everywhere

NOV. 1, 2004

Steve Jobs: He thinks different

More than anyone else, he brought digital technology to the masses

OCTOBER 27, 2004

Bill Veeck: A Baseball Mastermind

The man who owned several teams and was willing to try anything to woo fans to the ballpark even has a role in the 2004 World Series

OCTOBER 25, 2004

Jack Welch: Management Evangelist

Under his leadership, GE developed the deepest bench of executive talent in U.S. business

OCTOBER 18, 2004

Robert Swanson and Herbert Boyer: Giving Birth To Biotech

A venture capitalist and a scientist changed how drugs are made

OCTOBER 11, 2004

Kemmons Wilson: America's Innkeeper

It's hard to imagine that before he founded the Holiday Inn motel chain, travelers had few places to spend a night on the road

OCTOBER 11, 2004

Three Wise Men of Finance Their insights into the links between risk and return revolutionized investing forever

OCTOBER 4, 2004

Intel: Supercharging Silicon Valley The company's founding trio fashioned the building block for the digital revolution

SEPTEMBER 24, 2004

Elvis Presley: Birth of the Rock Star

The man who put rock 'n' roll on the world's cultural map blazed a trail many have followed but none with quite the same impact

SEPTEMBER 22, 2004

Larry Roberts: He Made the Net Work

He persuaded Pentagon scientists to share their computers. The result: ARPAnet

SEPTEMBER 20, 2004

Frederick W. Smith:
No Overnight Success

His FedEx sparked a revolution in just-in-time delivery

SEPTEMBER 10, 2004

Fred Smith: No Overnight Success

Though the business had a slow start, his FedEx sparked a revolution in just-in-time delivery


Peter Drucker: Mr. Management

The business-education guru is in his 94th year, and he's still producing insights that change the way executives think

SEPTEMBER 13, 2004

Margaret Sanger: Birth Control Of A Nation

She founded Planned Parenthood and was an early power behind the pill


Douglas C. Engelbart: From Mice To Windows

His info-tech innovations haven't changed society as fast as he hoped

AUGUST 30, 2004

Deming And Juran: The Kings Of Quality

The Japanese consider Juran's insights even more important than Deming's

AUGUST 25, 2004

Peter Goldmark: CBS's In-House Genius

A color-TV pioneer and inventor of the long-playing record album, he helped Bill Paley play in the tech big leagues with NBC's Sarnoff

AUGUST 17, 2004

Soichiro Honda: Uniquely Driven

Honda Motor's founder was unlike any exec Japan had seen before -- and he taught Detroit some lessons it will never forget, either

AUGUST 16, 2004

Jane Jacobs: Sticking Up For Cities

Her activism permanently altered urban planning

AUGUST 9, 2004

Sam Walton: King Of The Discounters

The legendary retailer relentlessly studied and borrowed from rivals

AUGUST 2, 2004

Charles H. Townes: The Light Fantastic

Lasers have transformed medicine, computers, telecom, and electronics

JULY 28, 2004

Frank Lloyd Wright: America's Architect

From the carport to the L-shaped workstation, Wright pioneered enduring conventions in a career that followed few traditions

JULY 26, 2004

Akio Morita: Mr. Consumer Electronics

Sony's genius ushered in the portable transistor radio, the Walkman, and the CD

JULY 19, 2004

James Watson and Francis Crick: Cracking The Code Of Life

The Cold War and male chauvinism played roles in solving the DNA riddle

JULY 14, 2004

An Wang: The Core of the Computer Era

The inventor of magnetic memory and founder of Wang Laboratories survived war-torn Shanghai before becoming a U.S. tech legend

JULY 12, 2004

Martin Luther King Jr.: Putting Words To The Dream

The civil rights leader stressed black earning power, never losing sight of the economic underpinnings of his cause

JULY 7, 2004

Henry Chauncey: The Aptitude Tester

The SAT's inventor and founder of Educational Testing Service had a dream of a more meritocratic America, and he pursued it faithfully

JULY 5, 2004

Ray Kroc: The Creator Of McWorld

He saw how McDonald's could flourish in America's emerging car culture

JUNE 29, 2004

Instant Photos, Lasting Fame

Second only to Thomas Edison in patents, Edwin Land was a giant of science, art, and commerce even before the Land Camera debuted

JUNE 28, 2004

Jonas Salk: He Put An End To Polio

In the '50s, the ambitious scientist moved with lightning speed to develop and test a vaccine

JUNE 21, 2004

Who's The Real Mr. Chips?

The work of three scientists gave birth to transistors -- and to Silicon Valley

JUNE 18, 2004

Richard Feynman: The Comic Physicist

This Nobel winner helped solve a basic flaw in quantum theory, made the esoteric familiar -- and never missed a chance for a laugh

JUNE 14, 2004

Thomas J. Watson Jr.: Junior Achievement

The innovative CEO brought IBM, and American business, into the age of computers

JUNE 8, 2004

A.P. Giannini: A Farsighted Banker

From his original Bank of Italy in San Francisco, Giannini built the giant BofA and brought banking services to the masses

JUNE 7, 2004

Chet Carlson: A Dogged Image Maker

The unconventional inventor spent 21 years turning photocopying into reality

JUNE 1, 2004

Bill Paley: Molder of Modern Media

The CBS founder is known as a programming genius. His other masterstroke was understanding the role of advertising

MAY 31, 2004

William J. Levitt: A Social Architect

He built affordable housing -- and helped create suburban America

MAY 25, 2004

Juan Trippe: Air Travel for All

The pioneer of commercial aviation had a vision of affordable flight, and with Pan American Airways he made it a reality

MAY 24, 2004

Kiichiro And Eiji Toyoda: Blazing The Toyota Way

The two cousins changed how the world builds autos

MAY 17, 2004

Walt Disney: He Built A Better Mouse

Hollywood feared new technology -- but Disney used it to create an iconic brand

MAY 14, 2004

David Lilienthal: Seats of Power

The onetime head of the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Atomic Energy Commission, he helped define the U.S. public utility

MAY 10, 2004

Alan Turing: Thinking Up Computers

The Cambridge University mathematician laid the foundation for the invention of software

MAY 5, 2004

Frances Perkins: Labor's Great Defender

FDR's Labor Secretary was America's first woman Cabinet member, a fighter for workers, and helped create Social Security

MAY 3, 2004

Frank Whittle: A Daredevil Who Built Jets

He defied skeptics. His plane didn't need propellers to fly

APRIL 27, 2004

Billy Durant: Greasing Detroit's Wheels

Ditching buggies for Buicks, the General Motors founder changed America's landscape and shaped the modern corporation

APRIL 26, 2004

David Sarnoff: "The General" Of Mass Media

David Sarnoff created radio and TV networks that connected people across the country

APRIL 19, 2004

Charles Merrill: Selling Stocks To The Masses

He insisted on salaries for brokers and separation of research and banking

APRIL 12, 2004

John Maynard Keynes: Capitalism's Savior

Keynesian fiscal theories altered forever government's role in the economy

APRIL 8, 2004

John von Neumann: MANIAC's Father

Inventing the computer that helped the U.S. win the Cold War was only one of this mathematician's many accomplishments

APRIL 5, 2004

Enrico Fermi: Unleashing The Atom

The Italian physicist made the key theoretical leap that led to the atom bomb and nuclear power

MARCH 29, 2004

Hewlett & Packard: Architects Of The Info Age

The founding fathers of Silicon Valley steered tech away from hierarchy

MARCH 22, 2004

Reinventing The Company

Alfred Sloan's restructuring of GM let the company soar -- and set many standards we still follow

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