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Patent Volume Isn't the Best Innovation Gauge

Posted by: Michael Arndt on November 22

Patent volume, based on new analysis, isn't necessarily a valid proxy for innovation. Tallies of U.S. patent grants are published every year, giving IBM reason to strut since it invariably...

Ford Lags in Alt-Energy Patents

Posted by: Michael Arndt on November 04

Ford Motor may have cheered investors with back-to-back reports this week that it netted almost $1 billion in the third quarter and increased its market share and year-over-year sales in...

U.S. Slips to Second in Patents

Posted by: Michael Arndt on October 08

Guess which government agency received the most U.S. patents through the year's midpoint. If you had answered the U.S. Navy, you would have been right in 2008. But in the...

Can a Computer Predict Innovation?

Posted by: Damian Joseph on July 29

Check this out... Experts at some big name universities just finished up a study on the U.S. patent system. The results: stifling....

Patent Flexibility

Posted by: Michael Arndt on December 10

Around the world today, most patents provide a monopoly for 20 years, with the clock starting on the date the application was filed. There are only a few exceptions. Because...

Korea's New Anti-Counterfeit Police

Posted by: Michael Arndt on December 09

Like nations elsewhere, South Korea has a problem with fake goods. It's trying an innovative method to stop counterfeiting, according to Jongan Kim, chief presiding trademark judge of the Korean...

IBM's Crafty Intellectual Property Strategy

Posted by: Michael Arndt on December 08

IBM came up during a discussion at the Salzburg Global Seminar, a five-day conference in Austria on new models in intellectual property. IBM is known, of course, for innovation. That...


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