Introducing TED Fellow: Kate Nichols

Posted by: Helen Walters on February 9, 2010

Kate_Nichols.jpgKate Nichols is a San Francisco-based painter who became fascinated with the concept of structural color—that is, “color that derives from a substance’s geometric structure rather than its chemical composition.” These structures are measured in nanometers, requiring equipment not generally to be found in an artist’s studio. So in 2008, Nichols joined Alivisatos Lab at UC Berkeley to work as the lab’s first artist-in-resident. There, she gets to synthesize nanoparticles that exhibit structural color in order to create her artworks.

How exactly do you plan to change the world?

In our culture there is a false dichotomy between science and art. Were this rift to be healed, the creative power thereby unleashed would be transformative.

Reader Comments

Stephany Bourne

February 10, 2010 9:27 AM

Kate - I do not understand your work, but I am highly impressed by it!
Glad you took after your father!!!LOL
Family Friend, Stephany

Mary Kimball

February 14, 2010 11:30 AM

You are simply awesome. Of course, I've known that for many years.

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