Lighter Side: Indie Music and Arty White-boards

Posted by: Matt Vella on April 21, 2008

The conference is moving at nice clip, with a surprising amount of substantive discussion in just a few hours. As an aside, the music curated by Adaptive Path in between sessions and as people mill back and forth between meals is excellent, a nice mix that includes some Feist, Vampire Weekend, Animal Collective, and — of course — a clip from “Music to Interrogate By,” part of the campy soundtrack to Bullitt.

More substantively, besides a social network tied to the conference and a digital repository of the talks and presentations, the organizers are also keeping a running set of whiteboards summarizing the various talks. Attendees have been coming up and snapping pictures of the colorful diagrams and lists with their cell phones. It’s a nice touch that adds a workshop-y element to the presentations.


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