Apple apps: the iPiano and iBand are here

Posted by: Helen Walters on February 23, 2008

This requires a hacked iPhone, but the arrival of the iAno (I guess its creator, one MysteryAardvark, decided that dropping the ‘p’ was the way to go, naming wise) is more testament to the amazing, boundless imagination and creativity present in this world. The virtual piano can move through octaves and can cope with four key chords, as demonstrated by the player in this video, who airs a spot of Chopsticks followed by a dash of Coldplay.

Only a matter of time, and now, here’s the iBand. More video and details after the jump…

iBand has only been around for a short amount of time (their website went up last week), and they're certainly not the slickest musicians in the world (also witness their sheepish/adorable admission that they don't have enough iPhones to go round, hence the Nintendo DS as rhythm section). But they've struck a chord with the YouTube crowd, racking up a million and a half plays of their track in a week, and it's surely just the start of a whole new wave of creativity to come.



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