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How They Do It

Posted by: Matt Vella on September 17

The sophisticated software tools used by game-makers are surprisingly similar to those used by engineers and architects to create all manner of suspension bridges and high-rise towers that don’t…

Tokyo Stabbing Puts Damper on Konami’s MGS4 Launch

Posted by: Kenji Hall on June 11

Konami seems to have caved to the notion that video game violence begets violence. The company has canceled three events in Japan for the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4:…


No longer child's play, the booming global games market is worth billions of dollars. In Games, Inc., BusinessWeek Innovation writer Matt Vella and Tokyo correspondent Kenji Hall analyze emerging business trends in video games and interactive entertainment. They’ll examine everything from button-mashing, chart-topping, console games to serious games commissioned by big corporations to train staff. They’ll also map the evolution of expansive virtual worlds and go behind the strategies at companies that are turning play into big business.

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