Archives: July 2008

How Netflix Streaming on Xbox 360 Works

Posted by: Matt Vella on July 22, Categories: Microsoft

One of the most exciting announcements out of this year's E3 was the deal to bring near-instant streaming movies from Netflix to subscribers with an Xbox 360. The arrival of...

Apple iPhone, E3's Sleeper Hit?

Posted by: Matt Vella on July 18, Categories: Apple

In many ways, Apple’s iPhone was the sleeper hit of E3, the gaming industry’s big summer convention. More importantly, the iPhone may be the most disruptive innovation in gaming...

The Best of E3

Posted by: Matt Vella on July 18, Categories: Misc

Even from a distance, this year’s games mega-event, E3, was a blockbuster. If you didn’t make it, or weren’t paying attention here are the top five most significant announcements (according...

Apple's Game-tastic AppStore Is Live!

Posted by: Matt Vella on July 10, Categories: Apple

It's the end of the (mobile) world as we know, and I feel fine. Check it out. The wait is almost finally over. You can buy new iPhone and iPod...

Live from Lively, Google's New 3D Virtual World

Posted by: Matt Vella on July 09, Categories: Virtual Worlds

What if the Web could be more life-like and immersive? It’s a question technophiles have been asking for a while, but Google engineers have finally taken the wraps off their...


No longer child's play, the booming global games market is worth billions of dollars. In Games, Inc., BusinessWeek Innovation writer Matt Vella and Tokyo correspondent Kenji Hall analyze emerging business trends in video games and interactive entertainment. They’ll examine everything from button-mashing, chart-topping, console games to serious games commissioned by big corporations to train staff. They’ll also map the evolution of expansive virtual worlds and go behind the strategies at companies that are turning play into big business.

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