Special Report

The Talent Hunt

Desperate to innovate, companies are turning to design schools for nimble, creative thinkers

Designed in China

With more than 400 design programs in Chinese schools, Asian design education is undergoing its own revolution

Tip Sheet: How To Hire a D-School Grad

Headhunter RitaSue Siegel tells you what to ask -- and what to listen for

When MBA Meets Designer

A GE manager learns to think creatively: INSEAD graduate Sameer Agrawal shares his story

Inside the Volcano

Carnegie Mellon graduate Maggie Breslin brings her innovative thinking to the Mayo Clinic

Designing to Help

Georgia Tech design grad Janna Kimel works as a design researcher at Intel

Joining J&J

Justine Dube Donnelly's joint MBA/Master's of Engineering Management prepared her for her role in strategic marketing at Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals


Tomorrow's B-School? It Might Be A D-School

Business schools are hooking up with design institutes -- or starting their own

Bringing Innovation to the Classroom

So far, B-schools aren't doing a great job of making innovation a key element of the curriculum. But it's increasingly central to business success

An MBA With a Thematic Approach

Toronto B-School Dean Roger Martin says integrative thinking allows MBAs to come up with more flexible models for today's complex business world

The Academic: Roger Martin

Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Ont.

Design Visionary

Patrick Whitney is out to bridge the chasm between the cultures of business and design

Reading, Writing, and Creativity

Education guru Sir Ken Robinson talks about the importance of nurturing innovative solutions in the classroom -- indeed, in every aspect of modern life

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 Featured Portfolio

David O'Brien

Massachusetts College of Art
Class of 2006
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D-School Survey Methodology


SPA Concept Scooter

The high population density, lack of parking space, disorganized urban planning and crazy traffic of Taipei inspired one student to redesign the scooter. His ultimate goal? To make it a more mom friendly vehicle.


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