Special Report

The Global Economy's Latest Weapon: The Mega Research Park

Around the world, nations are plowing big money into science parks to attract the sharpest minds. On-site housing and good restaurants help

  • Research Parks for the Knowledge Economy

    Nations are constructing lavish science parks, often with big-city amenities, to gain a competitive edge in the global economy

  • Slide Show: Science Parks: Where the Future Is Being Created

    Around the world, spanking new complexes are rising, and they're expanding the frontiers in fields from microelectronics to information technology. BusinessWeek's Pete Engardio leads a virtual guided tour

  • Singapore's One North

    Singapore is building a $7 billion, 500-acre research district called One North, where research in biotech and more will be conducted in the newly liberalized city

  • Science Parks Vs. Boutique Labs

    Innovation watchers say today's hottest startup incubators are small, nimble outfits that collaborate and leverage their strengths via the Web. Outfits like Kibu in downtown Budapest

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