Special Report


Cutting Edge Designers 2007

Crossing disciplines and combining technologies to push the boundaries of design

Cutting Edge Designers 2006

Innovative designs for the real world

Can America Invent Its Way Back?

"Innovation economics" shows how smart ideas can turn into jobs and growth—and keep the U.S. competitive

Peter Senge's Necessary Revolution

In a new book, the management guru discusses the environmental woes facing business and some steps that may lead to a more sustainable world

Voices of Innovation

Voices of Innovation 2008

This year's Voices of Innovation nominees challenge the status quo and represent the true optimistic spirit of innovation

The Challenges for McDonald's Top Chef

Dan Coudreaut, McDonald's head culinary innovator, has to incorporate new dishes into the menu without turning off a Big Mac-loving nation
McDonald's Recipe: Red Curry Eggplant?

Name to Know: Architect Jeanne Gang

She's bringing the sensuousness of nature, the sustainability of LEED building, and the thrill of the new to Chicago and beyond
Video: Architect Jeanne Gang's Curvy Rise

A Scholar-Activist Challenges U.S. Patent Law

John Duffy wants courts to rethink what can be patented and how to calculate damages. He wants more protection for business methods
Plus: Supreme Court to Review Business Method Patents

Tufte's Invisible Yet Ubiquitous Influence

Edward Tufte combines a policy wonk's love of data with an artist's eye for beauty and a PR maestro's knack for promotion
Slide Show: The Vision of Edward Tufte

Hideo Kojima: Gaming's Designer-in-Chief

Kojima's Metal Gear series, which combines an almost cinematic story line with stealth action game play, has redefined a video game genre
Slide Show: Best-Selling Video Games

'Starchitect' Libeskind Reinvents the Mall

Though the $8.6 billion CityCenter development in Las Vegas is in trouble, architect Daniel Libeskind is optimistic
Video: Daniel Libeskind

The Ever Inventive Saul Griffith

The engineer, entrepreneur and MacArthur Fellow is on a mission to stop global warming—with a little help from Google
Video: Saul Griffith

Innovators in Social Media

It started out with a question: who to profile as a Voice of Innovation for social media? The answer lay in four separate profiles, including Ford's Scott Monty and prolific fundraiser, Beth Kanter
Video: Social Media Innovators

Sandy Climan, Hollywood's 3D Man

As head of 3ality, he's helping to bring a new generation of 3D to the big screen and, perhaps soon, to TV, too
Video: Sandy Climan

Paul Polak: Global Poverty Fighter

Paul Polak's strategy involves helping the world's poor earn more by seeing them "as customers rather than charity recipients"
Video: Paul Polak

Dr. Brian Druker: The Maker of a Miracle Drug

Dr. Brian Druker found a way to defeat a rare leukemia. The result was the miracle drug, Gleevec. Now, Druker hopes to build on his success
Video: Dr. Brian Druker

Arthur Chait: Manufacturing Tiny Parts One Layer At A Time

EoPlex's innovative process technology could change the way cell phone antennas and other tiny components are made
Video: Arthur Chait

Nachiket Mor: Helping India's Poor Get a Leg Up

The head of ICICI's Foundation for Inclusion Growth, Nachiket Mor, is trying to bring banking and business services to India's underserved
Video: Nachiket Mor

Donald Berwick: Curing the Healthcare System

How Dr. Donald Berwick and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement apply business best practices—from lean manufacturing to innovation
Video: Donald Berwick

Jane McGonigal's Brave New Worlds

As director of games research and development at thinktank Institute for the Future, Jane McGonigal is bridging entertainment, research and business
Video: Jane McGonigal

Luis von Ahn: The Pioneer of "Human Computation"

MacArthur Fellow Luis von Ahn's programs harness human abilities to solve large-scale, complex problems
Video: Luis von Ahn

Majora Carter: Greener Neighborhoods, Sustainable Jobs

Green activist Majora Carter made her name tackling joblessness in the South Bronx through daring green building programs. Now she's taking her ambitions international
Video: Majora Carter

Chad Mirkin: Thinking Big

The head of Northwestern University's International Institute of Nanotechnology, Chad A. Mirkin is a giant in the realm of the very, very small
Video: Chad Mirkin

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