Special Report


Hands on With Will Wright's Spore

The eagerly anticipated "God game" is almost ready, and Electronic Arts is finally taking the wraps off the title's numerous innovations

The (Game) Doctor Is In

Physicians are helping develop gear that lets players "feel" the impact of a bullet or a fist

The Game's The Thing at MTV Networks

Its enormous investment in online video games is a bet on their juicy ad prospects

Podcast: Gaming Innovation

Laurent Detoc, Ubisoft North America's president, talks about how the company's surging profits have been driven by innovation and cross-genre experimentation embracing casual games and younger audiences

Podcast: Rise of the Guitar Hero

The co-founder of the company behind the massively popular Guitar Hero video game franchise describes how innovation is fueling a new generation of highly engaging interactive media

The Power of Play: Editor's Note

The gaming industry is in mid-revolution as a new generation of designers begins transforming games from mere toys into socially rich entertainment

Gaming Trends: 2008

Game companies will continue to bulk up to compete, while game designers try to make the most of new technology and a broader base of players
Slide Show: The Games That Will Rock Your Year

Making Some Wii Modifications

Johnny Chung Lee has achieved some fanfare modifying Wii's attributes. Now he'd like to bring touch- and motion-based interactivity to your desktop
Video: Johnny Chung Lee's Innovation Lab

BusinessWeek Arcade

Welcome to the all-new BusinessWeek Arcade, a collection of some of the Web's best free, independently produced games

Slide Show: Gaming: The Stats

The lowdown on who's playing what, where

Game Maker Profile: area/code

With games like Sharkrunners that cross media and create an artful mix of real and virtual worlds, area/code delights in challenging gamers' expectations

Game Maker Profile: Gnosis

Combining elements from complex multiplayer titles with casual games seems contradictory. But Canadian firm Gnosis thinks it's a smart way to capitalize on a growing market

Game Maker Profile: Nabi Studios

How Singapore-based computer programmer Hampus Söderström created a flourishing online community around the martial arts game, Toribash

Game Maker Profile: Preloaded

Its founders have backgrounds in art, graphic design, and film. This London-based design firm thinks its breadth will help it create a host of innovative titles

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