Special Report


The Best Product Design of 2007

This year's awards run the gamut from "split-head" hammers to ultralight jets to savings plans for shoppers

Leveling the Field in the Weight Room

Ten weeks of role-playing led to a design to help the wheelchair-bound at the gym. That design earned the IDEA Best in Show award

Life-Saving Design

The Index: Awards gave its People's Choice prize to a device for disposing of used needles. The inventor had a personal stake in the product design

Transport Theses

Sponsored projects and blue-sky concepts from students graduating from Germany's Braunschweig University

USC's New Institute for Innovation

Krisztina Holly wants to tap the vein of innovation that lives on university campuses to benefit society as a whole

Pantech Goes Back to the Drawing Board

The Korean cell-phone manufacturer is in trouble. But its collaboration with international students provided unexpected and valuable lessons

Art and Business: A Royal Combination

Companies often struggle to grasp the front end of innovation. That's where the Helen Hamlyn Centre of London's RCA comes in

Top Innovation and Design Schools of 2006

Last year's special report is chockful of advice and information that retains its relevance

The Talent Hunt

Design programs are shaping a new generation of creative managers
Slide Show: Powering Up for the 2007 Solar Decathlon

Best D-Schools in the World

Take a look at a slideshow of all 60 schools featured on this year's list

D-Schools: The Global List

Check out our sortable list of all 60 featured D-schools

Talent Hunt: The Methodology

How our panel of experts arrived at the list of institutions that made our list of the most forward-thinking design schools

Sustaining the Dream

Steelcase's CEO on design as a business strategy
Slide Show: Design Is Everything

The Cross-Discipline Design Imperative

In a new, multi-skill approach, traditional design tactics are wedded to the needs of business. Schools should embrace the synergy
Plus: Design Thinking Video

Stirring Design Into Business

Nick Leon, the new director of Design London, intends to teach his multidisciplinary design method—and eventually change the world

Advertising By Design

The graduate program at VCU's Adcenter is staffed by advertising professionals. It aims to foster communication between managers and creatives

Rise of the Asian D-School

More students are opting for programs—and jobs—at home
Slide Show: Asian Designs

Designer? Engineer? He's Both

More and more, companies are realizing that silo-busting talents like Eloi Baudoux are key to an innovative future

Designing Sustainable Leadership

An unconventional B-school in Washington, with sustainability at the core of its curriculum, encourages students to search for creative solutions

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