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Share a Car, Save the World

By connecting riders and drivers online at Facebook, Robin Chase hopes to make carpooling the hip, socially conscious way to get around

Slide Show: Hitching a Ride for Earth's Sake

Richard Liddle's War on Waste

An innovative champion of sustainable design is turning plastic into the ultimate recyclable material

Slide Show: A New Shape for Recycling

Web 2.0 Goes to Work

Cameron Sinclair's Open Architecture Network shows how new collaborative technologies can transform industries and projects worldwide

Slide Show: Open Architecture Network Unlocks Doors

Driving Sustainable Design

With Dott 07, John Thackara looks at daily life as a design opportunity and tackles social issues in small doses

Slide Show: Driving Social Change with Design

IBM's Data-Visualization Champion

At Big Blue, Martin Wattenberg is developing leading-edge projects to bolster the ability to read, share, and understand data in new ways

Slide Show: The Wizard of Information Visualization

Inside Innovation

Editor's Note

Exploring Innovation through Collaboration

New Innovation Tools and Trends Worth Trying

Here's our pick of six fresh research and design resources

Social Networking Graduates and Hits the Job Market

Facebook and other popular sites are turning into professional networks. How do these online Rolodexes line up?

Radical Collaboration

Lessons from IBM's innovation factory
Plus: In the Chips: Forging Smart Alliances
Slide Show: An Innovation Network for Every Purpose

Feeling Trashed on the Web?

How to avoid having your brand message hijacked
Slide Show: When Brands Get Hijacked

Six Sigma Kick-Starts Starwood

The hotel chain says Six Sigma doesn't have to stifle creativity, and points to its success in developing profitable new programs for guests
Slide Show: Reporter's Journal: Scenes from an Ambidextrous Organization

A Formula One Designer Shifts Gears

Gordon Murray is now focusing on lightweight, low-cost, environment-friendly autos—but can he pull off a stylish, inexpensive design?
Slide Show: The Evolution of a Master

Pushing the Boundaries of Design

Innovation often arises out of crossing disciplines and combining technologies. That's the focus of our look at ten cutting-edge designers
Slide Show: Thinking Outside the Design Box

Nokia's Global Design Sense

Design Director Antti Kujala talks about how Nokia's localized studios can create products that reflect the needs and aspirations of emerging markets
Slide Show: Nokia's Home on the Global Range

Eco-Chic: How Hot is Their Air?

Sizing up Corporate Carbon Footprints

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