Special Report


Game Icons We Love

What makes a game character last? Top designers and executives share their secrets

The Pathology of Game Design

As EA temporarily suspends Manhunt 2, an argument in favor of genuine creative expression in game design

State of Play

Governments are giving new funding and support to European video games. But what makes a game European?

The Power of Gaming

Getting Serious About Gaming

Everyone knows video gaming is a growth industry. What's less well known is how Web 2.0 and big business are contributing to that growth
Plus: The Video Game Industry Outlook: $31.6 Billion and Growing

The Name of the Game Is Work

Corporations are increasingly using online games to recruit and train new employees, and just to better keep people in touch
Slide Show: Games People Play at Work

Video Games Entertain and Educate

An industry veteran discusses the "positive benefit" model for game design, an approach welcomed by consumers, who (consciously or not) learn as they play

Sega Goes Beyond Sonic

The video game maker has a plan to break into the top five. It involves moving past the pre-adolescent set with fantasy, speed, and violence

Mining Virtual Worlds for Market Research

Sulake, creator of teen social-networking site Habbo, is drawing on its members across the globe to spot real-world trends
Slide Show: A Virtual Windfall for Teen Marketing

Console Makers: Move It or Lose It

Fasten your seatbelts. This holiday season's going to be a wild ride for Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft in the battle of the consoles

Navigating the Uncanny Valley

For so long the holy grail of game designers, truly realistic character designs may not be what Wii, PS3, and Xbox players want after all
Slide Show: Keeping It Real

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