Special Report


Cutting Edge Design 2006

The most innovative designers don't necessarily create fun gadgets. Meet 10 who have developed solutions for jails, flour mills, and much more

The Greatest Innovations of All Time

Larry Keeley of Doblin Inc. nominates the innovations that have most improved safety, living standards, and quality of life. His choices may surprise

Plus: History's Greatest Innovations

On the Cutting Edge of Design

& Fork, the sequel to Phaidon's influential coffee-table tome Spoon offers a look at 100 of the design stars of tomorrow

Plus: Design Fresh Enough to Eat

The Talk of TED

The California conference of entrepreneurs, scientists, celebs, and politicians highlights the environment, Rwanda, and war photos, among other topics

Plus: TED's Five-Minute Wonders

Going for the Gold in Hanover

It was all about functionality at this year's International Forum awards. Consumer electronics made a strong showing, but many cars crashed

Plus: Winners of the 2007 iF Awards

Cutting Edge Designers


Pushing the Boundaries of Design

Innovation often arises out of crossing disciplines and combining technologies. That's a focus of our look for the top cutting-edge designers

Slide Show: Thinking Outside the Design Box

Here are 10 professionals that are expanding the realm of design by using knowledge from other disciplines

NineSigma: Nurturing 'Open Innovation'

Sometimes a company has to go outside its R&D department and tap outside experts. NineSigma CEO Paul Stiros describes how it works


Ad agency Anomaly is pioneering a new model whereby it provides its creative services in return for a take of the profits. It's a high-risk strategy that could change the industry
Slide Show: An Anomaly in the Ad Business

Robin Chase

By connecting riders and drivers online at Facebook, Robin Chase hopes to make carpooling the hip, socially conscious way to get around
Slide Show: Hitching a Ride for Earth's Sake

Hilmar Janusson

To offer a prosthetic foot with greater stability, Hilmar Janusson and his colleagues used innovative software and artificial intelligence
Slide Show: Revolutionizing Prosthetics Design

Richard Liddle

To break the cycle of waste, Britain's champion of sustainable design seeks to turn plastic into the ultimate recyclable material
Slide Show: A New Shape for Recycling

Lunar Design

Novint turned to Lunar Design to transform a $20,000 engineering device into a $239 video game controller—with an eye on the medical training market
Slide Show: How Lunar Design Made PC Games More Tactile

Cameron Sinclair

The Open Architecture Network shows how new collaborative technologies can transform industries and projects worldwide
Slide Show: Open Architecture Network Unlocks Doors

Lisa Strausfeld

We interface with the award-winning information designer, who explains how her radical approach to data visualization incorporates real space and cyberspace
Slide Show: I See What You Mean

John Thackara

With Dott 07, John Thackara looks at daily life as a design opportunity and tackles social issues in small doses
Slide Show: John Thackara: Driving Social Change with Design

Martin Wattenberg

At Big Blue, Martin Wattenberg is developing leading-edge projects to bolster the ability to read, share, and understand data in new ways
Slide Show: The Wizard of Information Visualization

Jeffrey Zeldman

As a pioneer of standards-based design, he helped end the browser wars and made Web sites available to all
Slide Show: Keeping Up Appearances

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